Indy Media server seizure

Some of you may be following this story, but for those of you who don't know, on Oct 7, two Indymedia servers hosted by Rackspace in the UK went down. The servers host the sites of more then 20 local collectives, radio streams for several radio stations, BLAG (a GNU/Linux distribution) as well as miscellaneous other projects. It turned out that the FBI had seized them, but the circumstances surrounding this blatent free speech threat are still foggy. For more, see "IMC: FBI and other legalbreaking news" including IMC press releases, list of affected sites, etc. Don't forget to sign the solidarity statement.

Also see
"Web Server Takedown Called Speech Threat" (Findlaw), a mainstream description of the event from the AP. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is acting as legal councel for the IMC. See their press release about what they're doing on the legal front.