Radref in the news

Below are the lastest media coverage of RR, one favorable and one unfavorable and delusional -- but it comes from David Horowitz, and so not unsurprising in its disconnect from reality! Keep up the good work folks!! And print some flyers out and drop them off at your favorite local coffee shop, activist organization, IMC, UFPJ or ANSWER office, etc.

  • "Intersect: SLA and Government" by Michele McGinnis, p. 10-11. "The librarians at Radical Reference, steeped in the knowledge of alternative, progressive and radical information sources, are providing a necessary service to activist communities -- and ultimately to a freer, more just society. This is the tip of the iceberg."
  • "A Capitol Hatefest" By Ben Johnson. FrontPageMagazine.com, January 20, 2005. I refuse to actually link to that tripe and add to his hit counts, but feel free to go there and search for yourself. Below is the section where we're mentioned. I had to laugh that vegetarian/organic farming is seen as conspiratorial, anti-American!! I can hear June Cleaver saying, "eat your meat, Beaver. You don't want to be under suspicion as a commie pinko, do you?!" LOL!

    "The Peace Resource Project represents the overtly conspiratorial spectrum of DAWN's membership. PRP sells bumper stickers bearing such messages as, "9/11=Inside Job," "9/11: What Really Happened?" "End U.S. Imperialism," and one that juxtaposes images of Bush and 9/11 on one side vs. Hitler and the Reichstag fire on the other. (It also has a section dedicated to "Vegetarian/Organic Farming.")

    Other DAWN sponsors include the Washington, D.C., affiliate of Indymedia; a group of leftist librarians known as Radical Reference; and the Yippies."