Question: Poll Data on Bush/Kerry Election

I am going to be debating Peter Beinart, editor of the New Republic next week. I want to argue that the main problem in the election was NOT the liberal base. Rather the problem was John Kerry. I want to demonstrate this by quoting polls which showed Kerry Voters saying they voted for Kerry more because they opposed Bush than they supported Kerry. Please let me know if these polls exist - Chuck Munson at KC Indy media said that 70% of Kerry voters opposed Bush more than they supported Kerry. Can anyone give me a source or another poll.

Good Research

One of the major problems in politics these days is everyone 'fishing' for data that supports a pet theory. This leads to no one actually understanding the issues, bad policy, and undermines the idea that a good democracy needs well informed citizens.

As a general rule, good research formulates a theory, collects all relevent data, and then checks the theory for validity. If you want to actually understand, or explain what happened, I think you need to collect more than just a factoid or two that support your personal point of view and/or pet theory.

Some information on the link between touch-screens and voting rates can be found here :

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