Question: Prison industrial complex

How much money does a prison/jail get for housing an immigrant detainee?

Question: 9000 US Dead in Iraq

9K US dead?
Is this claim true? Is Brian Harring a reliable source?

Subject: 9K US dead? is this lie impeachment-worthy?

Link to story

Question: Radio Regulations in Tanzania

I'm wondering about the licensing procedures for obtaining a community (i.e. noncommercial) radio station in Tanzania. I would also like to know the allowed wattage for a community station's transmitter.

Question: Reading programs for vision impaired

Are there any computer programs that can take a text (newspaper etc...) and read it aloud to someone with a vision impairment?

Question: Social Security and young people

I am looking to put together a video segment about the opinions of young people regarding Bush's proposed Social Security changes/rollbacks. Does anyone know where I can find this type of video dealing specifically with youth and SS?


How much does the United States owe to other countries, and how much to each one as of 2005 or most recent date?

Question: Print copy of journal article

Could you send a print copy of this journal article: Nebraska History, Summer 1994 Vol. 75, No. 2, “The Medals of Wounded Knee,

Question: Cost of NYC2012 Olympic Propaganda

pro-olympic ads are all over new york city. they're on the taxis, subways, streetlamps, etc. who is paying for all these ads?


I chanced upon your page regarding a query about Ray Kelly having a 20-year old child. It caught my interest as I have never actually been able to access data regarding Comissioner R. Kelly's date of birth. Do you have such information? I have been trying to get this info for about 3 years, but it has eluded me!!

Question: Forgotten author/title

I read a novel, published about five to ten years ago. It gives the history of a factory from before the civil war to recent times. It begins with a contemporary woman dying of cancer as a result of the factory's chemicals.

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