Question: Reading programs for vision impaired

Are there any computer programs that can take a text (newspaper etc...) and read it aloud to someone with a vision impairment?

Question: Social Security and young people

I am looking to put together a video segment about the opinions of young people regarding Bush's proposed Social Security changes/rollbacks. Does anyone know where I can find this type of video dealing specifically with youth and SS?


How much does the United States owe to other countries, and how much to each one as of 2005 or most recent date?

Question: Print copy of journal article

Could you send a print copy of this journal article: Nebraska History, Summer 1994 Vol. 75, No. 2, “The Medals of Wounded Knee,

Question: Cost of NYC2012 Olympic Propaganda

pro-olympic ads are all over new york city. they're on the taxis, subways, streetlamps, etc. who is paying for all these ads?


I chanced upon your page regarding a query about Ray Kelly having a 20-year old child. It caught my interest as I have never actually been able to access data regarding Comissioner R. Kelly's date of birth. Do you have such information? I have been trying to get this info for about 3 years, but it has eluded me!!

Question: Forgotten author/title

I read a novel, published about five to ten years ago. It gives the history of a factory from before the civil war to recent times. It begins with a contemporary woman dying of cancer as a result of the factory's chemicals.

Question: Pop culture phrase

I never understood the phrase "you can't have your cake and eat it too" I was wondering what is its origin? When and why did it start being used. To me it makes no sense, if I have a cake I expect to eat it.

Question: Fair use in Film Screenings

I enjoyed the Boston Eyes on the Prize showing in February ("Eyes on the Screen"), but have recently heard that open public viewings of copyrighted films may be actionable, even when admission isn't charged. Many colleges have a policy of not allowing community-wide advertising for showings of video on campus outside a classroom setting. Would someone please point me to the straight dope on when and how a video may be legally viewed and advertised among sympathizers and colleagues? (In the wider community, as was done with the Eyes on the Prize exhibition, not on a college campus.)

Question: NYC Radical Lending Library

Hey me and some friends were trying to find a space to rent to have a radical lending library in NYc but then someone came up with idea of just donating all our radical books to one particular branch of the nYPL and then mak publiccizing it as the radical library..

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