NYC Local Collective Meeting Notes, March 2009

Attendance: Alycia, Angie, Jenna, Julie, Karen, Melissa

1. Bronx Anarchist Fair
April 4th, 11am-6pm, Brook Park

Rad Ref can table with NYPL for $10

Julie volunteered to be the main Rad Ref coordinator for the tabling for this event.

2. NYC Anarchist Book Fair
April 11, 12 Judson Memorial Church

Jenna is looking for someone to present a more digital side of the archives presentation.
Rad Ref is sharing a table with Books Through Bars, which will cost $75. Melissa is putting up the funds but would appreciate if people helped her out with the costs of the table rental.

*We still need a volunteer to be the Rad Ref Coordinator for the tabling for this event.

3. Really Really Free Markets
Are fun to staff!
-Is there wireless at Judson Memorial? Jenna will investigate about an adapter if not.
-The next one is on the 29th of March, and Jenna and Melissa will staff the table.

4. How to Hack your Library Handout

Alycia created a page on the RR site where we all can collaborate on the content for this handout. With the goal to have the document edited and printable before the Bronx Anarchist Book Fair (and translated into Spanish-volunteers?). All interested parties should add their tips and tricks to this page by Monday, March 30th.

5. Grassroots Media Conference
May 30, Hunter College, Theme: "Hope to Action" (Proposals due April 15th.

Karen is interested in presenting a session about How to Research Corporations (and would like help!).

We discussed leading another Fact-Checking workshop (was there a leader for this?).

And Alycia is looking into the Alternative Materials into Libraries discussion. We discussed whether this topic is more appropriate for media makers or librarians and whether we should have a panel of librarian experts or invite media creators to tell us how to help them. Alycia will look into the latter for the GMC and inquire with Vani to see if she would like to co-facilitate.

Angie suggested a workshop on "How to Self-Publish, Blog, etc." in which she and her friend Elliot could give hands-on help with things like Drupal and Wordpress.

This is another event where we would like to table, but we did not discuss the details at the March meeting (*We still need a volunteer to be the Rad Ref Coordinator for the tabling for this event).

6. For our next meeting, Melissa will set up a Morganize poll to find out what time works best for everyone.

7. Alycia created a NY Spring Tabling page on the website to coordinate who will be the point person for each event.