Workshops for Librarians

Members of Radical Reference NYC have done workshops for librarians and LIS students at the Massachusetts Library Association, New Jersey State Library, the Palmer School, Pratt, and Rutgers, on three different themes. We are happy to reprise them at other library schools and library conferences.

Theme 1: Radical Reference front end/back end. We give a history of Radical Reference, talk about its mission and tactics. We discuss the open source tools used to support RR and how open source fits into librarianship's goals. Example.

Theme 2: Radical, Militant, Librarianship--discussion of the different groups and tactics of activist librarians and library activists. Example.

Theme 3: Effecting change--discussion of participants' innovative practice, identifying, removing, and/or sidestepping the obstacles to library workers' attempts to get stuff done. ("Stuff" could mean alternative materials collections, projects like RR, new programming, etc.) Example.

We're also open to suggestion. You can commission something if you have an idea of something you'd like to hear about that you think we might know.

Here's a more or less complete list of Radical Reference presentations for librarians and others (especially independent journalists)

Workshops are presented without charge, but it's nice to get our expenses covered and maybe a vegan chocolate chip cookie or something if you really want to show appreciation. Also extremely helpful are a projector, the necessary cables, and an internet connection.