QUESTION: Foreclosures in my county

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I'm looking for foreclosure data for my county, which is Bryan County, Georgia, USA. Most of what I find is either for the entire state, or the largest nearby town (Savannah) which doesn't help me as I'm trying to focus on where I live.

Nice to have, but not necessary: There are two halves on Bryan County. One side contains Pembroke, the other Richmond Hill. They are actually not connected at all, the result of a military base established years ago. There is a huge discrepency in income between the two sides, so it would be nice if I could differentiate between the two. Being able to map out where the foreclosures have been would be swell, too.


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides local-level (including county) data files on foreclosures at this link:

You may also want to look at some of the foreclosure data resources (many with mapping options) listed at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's website:

Specifically for Bryan County, GA: the Bryan County Court Docket search allows you to generate a list of all foreclosure proceedings. Go to, accept the terms, then select "custom search" - from the drop downs select Search By: "court division" - Operator: "equal to" - Value: "FORECLOSURE" - then click "add" and then "find"

As of 5/15/2013 this gets 219 hits.

Not for foreclosures per se, but the Assessor's data is searchable by map at this link:, which you can get to from this site: The latter has other search functions you may find useful as well.

(Research tips provided by a RR colleague with more expertise than me - JWB)