QUESTION: Foreclosures in my county

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I'm looking for foreclosure data for my county, which is Bryan County, Georgia, USA. Most of what I find is either for the entire state, or the largest nearby town (Savannah) which doesn't help me as I'm trying to focus on where I live.

Nice to have, but not necessary: There are two halves on Bryan County. One side contains Pembroke, the other Richmond Hill. They are actually not connected at all, the result of a military base established years ago. There is a huge discrepency in income between the two sides, so it would be nice if I could differentiate between the two. Being able to map out where the foreclosures have been would be swell, too.

Global income inequality


Though I am not sure about finding date that gives the breakdown just as you describe, there are two sources that come to mind that could be useful resources.

One is the United Nation Development Reports statistical data, which tracks progress on the millenium development goals. Here is the link for getting data by indicator -- you may already know about these reports.

The second is a cool tool created by the organization called Gapminder -- it has an interactive statistical visualization using the UN data called Gapminder World

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QUESTION: Social Justice in Florida

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Hello -

I am looking for resources that will help me identify trends (say over a 5-10 year period) in social, economic and environmental justice in Florida. Other than the U.S. Census, are there resources or research institutes that you could recommend? I am also looking for data on trends (Florida) in privatization and gentrification, to the extent that it is available.

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