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QUESTION: Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange

question / pregunta: 

I work for American Friends Service Committee in Atlanta. We have recently become aware of a program called "Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange(GILEE
0". We know that they send Atlanta Police cadets to Israel for training. We know that Atlanta police spend some time on illigal settlements to learn crowd control techniques.
We are trying to find out how GILEE gets it's funding.
We know that some of the money comes from the "Marcus Foundation" and we think some may come from, "Georgia State Unniversity" or at least the program gets free space for GSU.
We are also wondering who pays "Robert Friedmann" who is the director and founder of the program. We know he get's some money from GSU but we are not sure of the extent of the GUS/GILEE connection.

Any infromation about GILEE of Mr. Friedmann would be greatly appreciated.

Tim Franzen
Peace Building Program Director
American Friends Service Committee

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