Answer: QUESTION: researching real estate companies operating in Israel and in NYC


I took a look at a dozen Israeli companies that do business in the West Bank settlements, and between my experience and that of other members of the questioner's group, here is an "answer" to this query.

As the questioner said, the Who Profits? project is the best starting point for researching connections between businesses and the Israeli occupation industry. The data on this site is compiled by The Coalition of Women for Peace, "a leading Israeli feminist peace organization, dedicated to ending the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights and reaching a just peace in Israel/ Palestine" (from

Who Profits will give you names of CEOs, owners, parent companies, and subsidiaries. You can then search-engine them (as well as the names of the companies, of course) to see what comes up on the open Web. I added the terms "new york" and "brooklyn," plus terms related to the business in question, as needed to help channel the results into something relevant. For example, "'eyal peled' 'new york' engineering" (Eyal Peled is one of the owners of Peled-Klein Civil Engineering).

I also tried a number of subscription databases. Thomson Research and Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing's Osiris had profiles on the one publicly traded (on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) company in the batch I worked on, and that information includes members of the board of directors and some institutional shareholders.

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QUESTION: Legal history re: journalistic protections/status for Indymedia (as entity + individuals)

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I need information regarding the history of legal cases where the question of journalistic protections/status for Indymedia as an entity and Indymedia journalists as individuals has been fought out. Cases are relevant in the US and abroad. Particularly relevant in Israel/Palestine. I am interested in all cases where this question has played out, regardless of determination. We are building a case to prevent the IDF from seizing cameras to gather information on activists and people involved in the struggle for a free Palestine. We need info ASAP to try and prevent them from seizing cameras.

QUESTION: researching real estate companies operating in Israel and in NYC

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I work with a group that launched a campaign around the boycott of an
Israeli real estate developer named Lev Leviev several years ago. He both
builds settlements in the Occupied Territories ('67) and is a real estate
developer here in NYC, owning many large pieces of property with his former
business partner, Shaya Boymelgreen. We are currently in a research phase of
our campaign and trying to look into other targets along the same lines:

companies or individuals that develop, buy or sell property or engaged in
construction and contracting in NYC and either in the Occupied Territories
or in Israel proper (developers in Israel proper are highly likely to be
developing in land that was once Palestinian at some point).

WhoProfits, a database maintained by Israel activists on settlement
activity, offers this list of companies that build on Palestinian land:

Other than just going through and starting to google each one of the people
on that list, any other tips or thoughts about how to approach this topic?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

QUESTION: Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange

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I work for American Friends Service Committee in Atlanta. We have recently become aware of a program called "Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange(GILEE
0". We know that they send Atlanta Police cadets to Israel for training. We know that Atlanta police spend some time on illigal settlements to learn crowd control techniques.
We are trying to find out how GILEE gets it's funding.
We know that some of the money comes from the "Marcus Foundation" and we think some may come from, "Georgia State Unniversity" or at least the program gets free space for GSU.
We are also wondering who pays "Robert Friedmann" who is the director and founder of the program. We know he get's some money from GSU but we are not sure of the extent of the GUS/GILEE connection.

Any infromation about GILEE of Mr. Friedmann would be greatly appreciated.

Tim Franzen
Peace Building Program Director
American Friends Service Committee

QUESTION: Leftist Zionist movements/alternatives to current Zionism in Israel

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I am interested in learning more about earlier forms of Zionism that were radical, leftist, and pursuing just solutions to the protection of the Jewish people that don't trample the rights of others, as is currently happening in Israel. What leftist/socialist/marxist Zionist groups used to be active in the US (or anywhere) that proposed something other than the state of Israel as a homeland for the Jews, and what happened to them? What is the history of alternative Zionist movements? Are there forms of Zionism that aren't inherently based on the displacement/discrimination against other groups, as is happening in Palestine now? Are there Zionist groups operating now that have rejected Israel's policies of human rights abuses? How have current alternative Zionist groups articulated solutions to the current crisis in Israel/Palestine?

BDS: Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions

Below are some links to information on the global movement for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions.

Time to Take Divestment from Israel a LOT MORE SERIOUSLY

While the recent attacks on Gaza should come as no surprise to people who have followed just the last year's events of Israel denying food and medicine into the region, they are still horrifying and s

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