QUESTION: How do I do what you do?

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I am a young professional librarian struggling to find ways to make her skills useful to the world at large. What is the best way to go about doing that if one is essentially broke and armed only with a Motorola Droid (which might explain the lack of funds to some extent)?

ANSWER: Librarianship (distance programs/volunteering in a public library)


Hello, the American Library Association has a searchable database of accredited programs here. You can limit your search to “100% online,” “Primarily online with some face-to-face courses required,” etc.. As far as volunteering goes, I believe that any way you can get a foot in, will give you an opportunity to learn about librarianship and how many different jobs there are within the field. If you feel you aren't particularly "tech savvy" taking some basic computer classes at your community college would be a great first step. Let us know if you have other questions, we have a number of Radical Referencians in California.

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QUESTION: Librarianship (distance programs/volunteering in a public library)

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I am interested in a career as a Reference librarian. Due to my financial situation, moving away for school or commuting seem both improbable, and I don't want to put my education on hold for too long...Which is why I am very interest in online/ distance programs. Which ones do you recommend?

Also, I was thinking about finally heading to my public library to volunteer. What should I look into as a volunteer?

Are there any specific courses I should take at the community college?
(I am not particularly comp tech savy)

(I received a B.A. i Chicano Studies (far from library science, right?)...I definitely would appreciate any additional help, recommendations)



Advice for New Librarians

I thought this was the funniest e-mail when it came through on the Library Underground list on March 10, 2004. Every once in a while something reminds me to look for it again. Somehow it's only posted on two other Internet sites, so I thought I'd add it here.


For new librarians in public libraries, some career advice from a bunch of veterans sitting around having one too many beers. Thank goodness one of us was sober enough to take notes! This message may be freely disseminated provided it remains intact and no one dishonestly claims authorship. The authors are anonymous and intend to stay that way.

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