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answer: gets 7 hits for: wikileaks "public libraries" , 39 for: wikileaks "public library" , 16 for wikileaks libraries filters , and 12 for wikileaks libraries filter. does include many STATE as well as federal sites and documents, but it still pays to try individual states. gets only 3 hits for the search : wikileaks, that barely mention it, but gets about 8 results, and gets 10.

In addition to these "official" sites, it's well worth trying Google searches limiting to edu sites; or even adding the phrase "k 12" to get public school sites. The search: wikileaks "public library" filters site:edu gets 105 actual hits (of "about 9890" ); wikileaks policy "public library" site:us displays 177 (of "about 130,000) ; wikileaks "school library" "library policies" "k 12" gets 10.

There has been too little time for many journal articles to get published on this topic. Newspaper articles may help, of course. LexisNexis Academic (available at most large academic libraries) gets 237 articles for wikileaks and libraries, when you click "NEWS", then "US Newspapers and wires". This big list is manageable if you change the title list to "Expanded List" -- to see the search words in context and hot-linked. Factiva, known as a business database, is also very good for general news. It gets 58 hits for wikileaks and libraries, limiting to "past year". It automatically gives search words in context - but not hot linked. But LexisNexis "US Legal"/"Law Reviews" is far less promising. The search: wikileaks w/40 libraries (to get the words within 40 words of each other in those LONG articles) gets only 7 hits, and most seem to be about Library of Congress.

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Urban Librarians Unite Blog & Tweet in

Save NYC Libraries and Urban Librarians Unite are asking library and librarian lovers to publicize a few things:

Hug the Library
NYPL, 41st @ 5th Avenue, Sat. Saturday, June 4 1:30-2pm

Save NYC Libraries 24 Hour Read-in
Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Army Plaza, Saturday, June 11 at 4:00pm - June 12 at 4:00pm

Save NYC Libraries campaign

Radical Collections in Public Libraries

The NYC Collective is planning an event featuring local radical archives collections. So far we've got the Tamiment at NYU and the Lesbian Herstory Archives lined up, and probably ABC No Rio.

We'd love to add a public library to our offering, but we don't seem to know of any public library collections, local or semi-local that have an explicitly radical collection.



My earlier answer was focused more towards academic libraries, which could be expected to be less enthusiastic about collecting video games, especially because of frequent shortage of funds for what are perceived as more "core" academic subjects.

For more focus on public libraries, try databases such as Masterfile (Ebscohost). Masterfile Premier gets 56 hits for the search (in full text): video games and public libraries and oppos*, and 42 hits for TX(video games AND public libraries AND censor*), for example.

You might also approach this from a psychological research perspective - TX (video games AND attention deficit) gets 8 hits in PsycInfo and 13 hits in PsycArticles, for example. Both of these commercial databases would be available at most large university libraries, and at some larger public libraries.

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Advice for New Librarians

I thought this was the funniest e-mail when it came through on the Library Underground list on March 10, 2004. Every once in a while something reminds me to look for it again. Somehow it's only posted on two other Internet sites, so I thought I'd add it here.


For new librarians in public libraries, some career advice from a bunch of veterans sitting around having one too many beers. Thank goodness one of us was sober enough to take notes! This message may be freely disseminated provided it remains intact and no one dishonestly claims authorship. The authors are anonymous and intend to stay that way.

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