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ANSWER: Sexism in reality television statistics


To get free sites on the Web, you can try for state as well as federal websites, reports, studies, hearings, etc. Possible searches would include: "reality tv" sexist (3 hits), "reality tv" sexism (2 hits); and "reality shows" profit* (50 hits). USAsearch seems to be a bit more predictable with the * (truncation) than Google is. Compare Google's only 44 hits for: "reality shows" profit* site:gov but 70 for "reality shows" profitability site:gov

You can also use site:edu to try to get more "official" or at least better documented information. Google gets at least 345 unique hits for "reality shows" profitability trends site:edu and 14 for "reality shows" "average revenue" site:edu. These site:edu,, sites may also have a lot more research on sociological issues such as sexism, racism, or stereotypes in general. For example, "reality shows" sexist site:edu gets 137 unique hits in Google. We do have to beware that "site:edu" does not guarantee scholarship. Many students and staff are quite free to have their own blogs or personal websites hosted on a university server, and "peer review" is definitely not the rule for such sites.

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