Answer: QUESTION: Police Dissent and Resistance


Like Alycia, I had trouble finding a single source on police dissent. Below, I have a bunch of articles and some academic texts that I hope are helpful.

In addition to the examples that Alycia provided, there’s also a famous and recent incident with a retired Philadelphia police chief Ray Lewis protesting at OWS:

This is an article that interviews Lewis, and documents one other Oakland police officer on the record as supporting OWS:

These were the only references I could find to police joining OWS protests, but I thought I’d also point you to an article about Michael Moore calling for police to join OWS

In terms of what I could find about police and protesting, there are two main strains - whiste blowing on police corruption and protesting against working conditions.
About the former, this is a legal article on what makes whistle blowing difficult in police culture and why it’s necessary:
Here’s another academic article on obstacles to whistle blowing among police:

And here are some news articles on different instances of whistle blowing in various police departments:

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QUESTION: U.S. police shooting stats by city, 2005 to present

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Where Did the Police Term "No Human Involved" first originate?


I could not find any definitive answers, but the following articles offer some context on how the term might have started.

An essay called "The Endless Dream Game of Death", by Luis Rodriguez states that the LAPD began using the term during the 1980's, to dismiss victims of gang violence.

In "NHI-No Humans Involved," UCSD faculty member Elizabeth Sisco, traces the use of the term to the San Diego area during the 1980's and 1990's, by San Diego police, to address a series of murders and sexual assaults against women. Sisco wrote that the head of the task force assigned to investigate the murders claimed that the use of "NHI" is fictionalized by old detective novels, but another San Diego officer confirmed the use of the "NHI" term in a Sacramento Bee article to describe these murders.

Rodriguez, Luis J. and D. Cesare (1995). Endless Dream Game of Death. Grand Street, No. 52, Games. pp. 61-77. http://www.jstor.org/stable/25007852. Access December 6, 2009 from Jstor database through San Jose State University.

Sisco, Elizabeth. (1993) NHI-No Humans Involved. NHI-No Humans Involved. Accessed December 6, 2009.

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QUESTION: # and race of police killed by police

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I'm trying to find out the number of black police killed by white police in NYC, as well as the number of white police killed by black police (if any.) If possible, also the number where the officer was considered a suspect vs caught in crossfire.

There's a comment here that provides some clues: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/archives/2009/05/police_officers.php

But I want to find an authoritative source I can cite.


Question: Ray Kelly's son

Question: We have it from a trusted though ultimately unconfirmed source that Ray Kelly's 20-year old son is himself planning on protesting the RNC. Is it possible to find out somehow if, indeed, Ray Kelly DOES have a 20 year old son? NOTE: this is an unsubstantiated rumor.

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