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QUESTION: where to find prison populations in 1970, 1971, 1972, or 1973

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Where would I find statistics for the state and federal prison populations (both total and broken down by gender)for 1970, 1971, 1972 or 1973? I checked the Bureau of Justice Statistics site, but its reports only go back to 1977.

ANSWER: prison population statistics and health care costs


Also, double check this Radical Reference site itself - we have had many questions on prison statistics - though I don't recall finding sources that would answer this specific question, for those that I helped answer. In our search box at upper right, try: prisons and statistics (6 hits); prisoners and statistics gets 11 hits besides the first answer to this question. gets 278 hits for the search: prison inmates and health and age; 47 hits even if you click on the "Limits" tab just to lower left of the search box, and click on "Links to free full text". I get 2 full text ones for: prison and health care and costs and age (out of 6 total); the same 2 full text (out of 8) for: prison and health care and cost and age; 20 free fulltext (of 89) for prison and cost and age groups; and 14 (58) for: prison and costs and age groups. As you probably have guessed by these examples, Pubmed does not allow truncation; and I might add that Google gets inconsistent results using the asterisk to truncate words.

Jim Miller

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