QUESTION: notable radical/progressive librarians

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Does anyone have any names of librarians (like Juliette Hampton Morgan) or activists past or present who have or are currently working with information access and/or preservation and archiving? I am trying to undertake a small portrait project where I would like to commemorate progressive librarians (if you'd like your portrait painted, let me know!).

QUESTION: Is Virginia a right to work state?

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Does a Local Union have the right to work non union members? And in detail can you fully explain the answer to my question, for instance if yes please tell me exactly how it works like if you have a non union member work a show call and there wasn't a union member available is that OK? And are non union members allowed to work any shows for that matter. Can a union member force the union to work only union people? And if not available can non union members fill the call? When you go by the constitution by laws and have a trial against a member can a decision be made at the regional office with out hearing both sides of the trial? And once a member has been exspelled can the regional office force you to take them back after a majority voted them out? We would appreciate an answer to these question we really need an answer.

QUESTION: Indigenous Struggles

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i am looking for sources that describe indigenous liberation struggles - particularly something that talks about the contrasts/differences between indigenous ideology (more rooted in spirituality, connection with the non-human natural world) and more socialist/nationalist ideologies. any ideas of who has written on this? where to look?

Alternative Libraries and Infoshops

Download the handout given for the alternative libraries workshop at the Radical Reference Alternative Libraries skill sharing at the 2005 midwinter ALA conference in Boston, here radicalreference.info/altlib_infoshop

In addition to the RR list, you can check the Slingshot Radical Contact list here. It is updated more frequently than ours.

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