Answer: QUESTION: Alternative Surviving Suicide Resources


Perhaps zines might be one place to look for alternative perspectives? I found the zines "Suicide or Die" and "Objects in Mirrors: A Suicide Survival Zine," through a search engine search for the keywords zine + suicide, but there are other zines more broadly about mental health (here's also a discussion about other mental health zines on We Make Zines).

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QUESTION: US Veteran Suicides

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Do American veterans who commit suicide receive military honours at their funeral? I've tried to find info, but haven't found anything specific so far.

QUESTION: media coverage of 1991 riot at P4W (Prison for Women) in Canada?

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In 1991, women at P4W (or Prison for Women, Canada's only federal prison for women) rioted. Their riot was sparked by the 4th suicide of a Native woman within a 16-month time period. They barricaded themselves in the recreation room. The state responded by sending in prison guards with tear gas and attack dogs.

Where would I find media coverage (if any) of this event? (This is NOT the same as the 1994 P4W riots where a riot squad violently "extracted" sleeping women from their cells after a physical fight between the women and guards)

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