collection proceedings in the State of California.

QUESTION: My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California and ssdi/medicare

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My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California.

Can SSI/Medicare/Medical/Hud Section 8 - look for repayments of benefits paid to date, when I am no longer elegible for benefits going forward?

At this time I have no outstanding debt/or balances owed to any of the above parties as far as I am aware.

If I now purchase property with the help of a low intersest loan from my parents can they attach this asset/mortgage?

I have no savings to date and would like to start saving now? Is any money I now try to save subject to debt repayment/collection in the future. Are benefits paid to date viewd as debt?

I am currently receiving Medicare & Medical and anticipate that this will be cut off shortly due to my income level now. (So far I do not have an alternate means of medical benefits, but that is a whole other issue).

For the past 10 years I have been permamently disabled and received SSI Payments until last year.

I have started back to work

I am currently working part-time and my income is about $30,000 pa.

I am renting an apartment and receive Section 8 co-payments to date, but am at the cut -off threshold.

I am still partially disabled but want to continue working and supporting myself.

I would like to buy an apartment/condo, since my current rent exceeds what my payments would be on a purchase.
I would also like to have the savings vehicle and security of
owning a property for my retirement.

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