QUESTION: My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California and ssdi/medicare

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My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California.

Can SSI/Medicare/Medical/Hud Section 8 - look for repayments of benefits paid to date, when I am no longer elegible for benefits going forward?

At this time I have no outstanding debt/or balances owed to any of the above parties as far as I am aware.

If I now purchase property with the help of a low intersest loan from my parents can they attach this asset/mortgage?

I have no savings to date and would like to start saving now? Is any money I now try to save subject to debt repayment/collection in the future. Are benefits paid to date viewd as debt?

I am currently receiving Medicare & Medical and anticipate that this will be cut off shortly due to my income level now. (So far I do not have an alternate means of medical benefits, but that is a whole other issue).

For the past 10 years I have been permamently disabled and received SSI Payments until last year.

I have started back to work

I am currently working part-time and my income is about $30,000 pa.

I am renting an apartment and receive Section 8 co-payments to date, but am at the cut -off threshold.

I am still partially disabled but want to continue working and supporting myself.

I would like to buy an apartment/condo, since my current rent exceeds what my payments would be on a purchase.
I would also like to have the savings vehicle and security of
owning a property for my retirement.


A helpful ("non-librarian") user of the site has provided a good list of resources in a comment below.

As noted on our main page, this site is set up to answer questions from activists and independent journalists. We have at times also answered more general questions, and there are many times when a question mays be in a borderline category, and since many pages link to our site we tend to turn up in Google and other search engine results.

But we are not in a position to offer a lot of specfic advice of a legal nature, both because of our limited time and expertise, and because our professional ethics prevent us from giving "legal advice" that should come from a lawyer or other qualified professional. Your question pretty much falls into that category.

Please do not interpret this as a lack of empathy with your struggles to understand the social services system, but rather as an attempt on our part to stay closer to our primary purpose.

Hello, anonymousy

I just happened to notice your question and I'm somewhat familiar with this area but only enough to tell you that your question is better addressed by someone who can dispense legal advice. Since you live in that region of the country there are any number of resources locally, or there used to be before the Republicans cut funding all over the place. Look around for the legal aid resources available to you. In Berkeley there should be some, even at Boalt Hall, the law school on campus. DREDF used to have an office there. That's Disability Rights and Educational Defense Fund. Nolo is an excellent resource and is still based in Berkeley, I believe. You really need to speak to a legal professional about this, since you don't want to approach SSA about it. You can probably find the precise information you seek at little or no cost to you. As always, Google is your friend. OTOH, someone else here might be willing to give you some more info. I'd have to know more particulars before I could answer your question - and even then I can't assure you of the accuracy of my advice - and that would mean more info from you of a personal nature and that's another reason why you might prefer the protection, privacy and confidentiality of the lawyer/client privilege. just off the top of my head, it sounds like you are safe but I want you to be sure. As fas as SSA-SSI is concerned, they should only be able to initiate collection of any overpayments to you, but it's complicated and you should proceed carefully with advice from someone who specializes in this area. Good luck.

Oh, yes!

Let's not forget the local office of the Center for Independent Living. I know there is one in Bezerkeley. Another good resource.

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