QUESTION: statistics for showing "how Baltimore is such a hard city on children"

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Question: do you have, or can you point in great radical dirrections, to gain statistics for showing "how Baltimore is such a hard city on children" - I want to compile a long list of statistics on child poverty, and issues that show rascism and classism filtering down. I KNOW its hard to live here, and hard for children, because I live, and have raised a child, here. (and I am writing an essay for the local indie media newspaper which the deadline already passed but there is still a little time left) but when I try to research statistics I am surprised how hard it is - how there is a diversity in numbers - how nothing is in one spot.

Has no one ever gathered a bunch of numbers for children living in Baltimore city?

I searched for a whole day and I should contact my local library but I am finding that statistics are harder and trickier than I thought - not used to working with them.

I would like to compile a page of numbers that speak for themselves, teh way Z magazine once did to show how the welfare reform propaganda was bullshit (this was a long time ago) and to illuminate the inequality. my essay talks about stuff but has no statistics to back it up - plus the editor said it would be great to do a whole side bar of this stuff.

how many children in sub-poverty
how the greatest reason to put a woman in poverty is to be a mother
how a disproportionate number of the poor is children
how baltimore has the greatest inequality in funding schools from the city to the suburbs (I actually Have this statistic)
how many children's parents are in prison

statistics to show racism and classism and all that.

I know this is really broad - a giant question. I am sorry, just having a hard time and surprised there are not more resources out there for stuff I thought would be easy to find (plus statistics need to be put into perspective. when there is debate even on how many kids drop out - from 30 to 68 percent (its definitely more on the 68 percent) and then they have the census which will say the city has one percent latinos but others more in the know say its twice as much as that.

so if there is any resources where someone has worked through these issues and put time into it and its more up to date - I wonder!

THANK YOU! Any help will be good - fast is best - but even if it comes past the deadline I will still use it in political work to organize to support parents and children.

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