ANSWER: reference for history of music on the Lower East Side


If you are close to New York Public Library, or a large academic library, it is well worth searching Project Muse, which gets 23 results in All Fields w/Text for "lower east side" AND music* AND countercultur*. JSTOR gets 32 hits for music* AND "lower east side" but many seem not to be full text in JSTOR itself. Many large libraries link to full text in other databases and e-journals that they subscribe to however, so it is still well worth trying that search in JSTOR even if you only want to find online journals.

In RILM Abstracts of Music Literature, the search: "lower east side" gets 16 hits. Note that RILM is not a full text database; compare the Academic Search Premier full text search: TX music* n25 "lower east side" which gets 382 hits for music, musical, musicians, etc within 25 words of the phrase "lower east side". Even limiting to "scholarly/peer reviewed" journals, that search gets 32 hits.

See the list of NYPL databases that can be searched on site, and ones available by remote access using a NYPL card.

Jim Miller

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