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Addiction Treatment "Professionals"

To our site users: we have been getting a fair amount of stealth advertising from commercial addiction treatment services. Please ignore them.

Homeless Law Blog

A law librarian/attorney has created a Homeless Law Blog to share legal expertise for the homeless (and presumably those who wish to help them).

Thousand Kites

A community radio/arts project raising awareness and providing service to prisoners.

Getting Alternative Materials into Library Collections

Laura's post on the talk at Thinking Ahead reminded me of a question that I was asked by two (or more?) people at the recent Grassroots Media Conference in NYC, where I was Radical Reference liason.

Taking A Stand: A Conference on Activism in Canadian Cultural Archives

Another entry on the academic side of the library/activism overlap - this conference in June of 2007 looks at activism in art, as documented in archives. Hosted by Library and Archives Canada. Posting from listserv announcement copied below the fold.

New academic discussion group "devoted to the history, analysis, theory, and practice of human rights."

Here's the home page.
Please note in the message copied "below the fold" that this list is not for calls to action and advocacy, but rather for sharing of scholarship. That said, it may well be an excellent resource for expertise on topics of interest to Radical Reference and those we support. Note especially the link to the resources list.

Children and Political Activism - call for papers

For all you radical academic types -
The Modern Language Association is seeking presenters on this RadRef-friendly topic for their 2007 conference:

CFP: Children and Political Activism

Alternative Press Symposium and Fellowship in honor of James P. Danky

reposted from the Library History Round Table listserv, by request to "distribute widely"

Alternative Print Culture: Social History and Libraries:
A Symposium in Honor of James P. Danky

Cory Doctorow on the State of the Copyfight

Cory Doctorow spoke about his activities with the EFF in advocating for fair use within the World Intellectual Property Forum, as well as DRM and the Broadcast Flag, at and event cosponsored by NYU Association for Computational Mathematics and Free Culture @ NYU. Though he was addressing himself to geeks, two civilians (his terms) from the NYC RR Collective found his talk very informative.

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