You might try contacting Neighborhood Bike Works about their Bike Part Art Show, which often features reused and recycled materials. They may recommend artists who would be interested in your project.

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Hi Adrienne,

I've contacted some Philadelphia artists and activists and am waiting for more suggestions, but in the meantime I suggest starting with Book Bombs. They do stuff like make books out of old clothes.

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ANSWER: Statistics for artists in need


Newspaper articles may give leads on this, though you will need to plow through quite a bit of opinion and unsubstantiated claims. If you are near a large library, databases to try would include Proquest Newspapers in public libraries, and Lexis Nexis Academic or Factiva in academic libraries. Virtually all public universities and colleges - and many private ones - allow you to search these expensive databases if you come onto campus. In Lexis Nexis Academic, the search: arts w/5 economic benefits gets 209 hits. Possibly a better search is: arts w/5 economic benefits and studies (50 hits), or arts w/5 economic benefits and statistics (21 hits).

A useful free source is, which includes many state as well as federal web sites, reports, proposals, studies, hearings, etc. The search: "funding for the arts" statistics gets 90 hits; "funding for the arts" "economic benefits" gets 62; "funding for the arts" "return on investment" gets 18; "funding for the arts" roi gets 2; "arts funding" roi gets 12, etc. Note that, with its Google search engine, handles phrases with "on", "of", etc., that some commercial databases sometimes still have trouble with. For example, Business Source Complete (available on campus at large academic and some large public libraries) gets 14 hits for the search: arts and funding and return and investment. But the search: arts and "return on investment" does get 102 hits. A better search seems to be: arts and funding and "return on investment" and "economic benefits", which gets 101 hits if you "Select a field" TX-All text (Business Source defaults to titles, author names, subjects and abstracts)

Jim Miller -

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QUESTION: looking for provocative quotes: universal healthcare and right to organize at work

question / pregunta: 

I am trying to gather a number of provocative quotes about two topics:

1. The need for universal healthcare, everyone's moral obligation to care for one another, and the need to address health disparities
2. The importance of workers having the right to organize at work, workers having a voice at work

These quotes are going to be given to several artists who will use the quote to paint a picture. The quotes and pictures will be put into a social justice calendar.

I am looking for a variety of voices: everything from dead prez lyrics to something margaret cho said to a blogger. It would be great if you could send me actual quotes with citations or even sources that I should peep out. Thanks

Thousand Kites

A community radio/arts project raising awareness and providing service to prisoners.

Rini Templeton- Movement Artist!

Since the spring, i've been cataloging posters at UCLA's Chicano Studies Research Center. The recent post on maoist propaganda got me thinking i might post on some different movement images.

Rini Templeton "made drawings of activists in the United States, Mexico and Central America while she joined them in their meetings, demonstrations, picket lines and other actions for social justice. She called her bold black-and-white images "xerox art" because activists and organizers could copy them easily for use in their banners, signs, leaflets, newsletters, even T-shirts, whenever needed.

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