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Chomsky at West Point

That's right, you heard me. Noam Chomsky gave a talk on "Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy" at the US Military Academy at West Point last month.

Tactical RR unit needed

Imagine the street reference that RR could do with one of these babies?! We'd be unstoppable!!

Jenna Freedman on MobyLives radio

Check out the interview of our illustrious Jenna Freedman! Dennis Johnson, an editor at Melville House Books (an independent publishing house in Hoboken, NJ) does this cool podcast called MobyLives, a weekly radio program about books and writers. Way to go Jenna and thanks Dennis!!

NYT: Police Memos Say Arrest Tactics Calmed Protest

Free FOIA training

News University offers free online FOIA training

News University, a project of The Poynter Institute funded by the Knight Foundation, is offering this online course about how to use the Freedom of Information Act, Public Records Laws and Open Meetings Laws to uphold your right to know the government's actions. "Learn not only the details of FOI laws in your state, but how to use FOI to write better stories today."

ronin researchers are SEXY

Reverend Billy blogged about radical reference, calling us cooler than ice cream. Amen brother! And for anyone in the NYC area this evening, stop on over to ABC No Rio for a night of zine reading to benefit "politicized ronin researchers".

FBI backs down on library computer seizure

This article is very troubling. The FBI swoops in to a public library, demands the seizure of 30 computers without a warrant. I think the director of the library, Kathy Glick-Weil, acted very reasonably by demanding a warrant while continuing to cooperate in a potentially dangerous situation. What's troubling is that a) the FBI spokesperson insisted the FBI acted within its authority to ask for the computers without a warrant because of a supposedly imminent threat; b) talk-show hosts and newspaper columnists in Boston (and conservative bloggers) lambasted Glick-Weil and other officials (like this one, "Time for some budget trimming, libraries are luxuries." posted at Free Republic.

Boingboing zine issue #1

Hey all you zine lovers. Check this out. The uber-groovy blog Boingboing actually started out as a zine! Interesting to see the connection between zines and blogs.

Radref has a wiki!!

Hey y'all. Radical reference now has a wiki to keep track of and give workspace for our collaborative projects. The inaugural project is an Alternative Travel Guide for San Antonio inspired by Meredith Farkas' travel wiki for Chicago newbies.

LJ's Movers and Shakers 2006 nominations sought

Know anybody with librarian superpowers? Able to leap tall stacks or parse XML in their sleep? Then nominate that person for the 2006 LJ Movers and Shakers awards. But do it soon! Deadline for submissions is November 1, 2005!!

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