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NYPD terrorism report

Since this has been in the news a lot lately, I thought I'd upload it for your viewing/downloading pleasure:

Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat. NYPD.

Crisis of the commons

Last week, Shinjoung and I were invited to participate at the Crisis of the California Commons Conference. Our panel discussion was with Megan Shaw Prelinger, Annalee Newitz and Bodo Balazs entitled, "Information Commons: Rebirth or Siren Song?" I think there was a lot of discussion about different commmons (environmental, cultural, information etc) that resonate for librarians in general and documents librarians (keepers of the public domain!). You can access the audio here.


A live webcast of a discussion on the impact of government suppression
and manipulation of scientific information on public health, safety, and
accountability at national, state, and local levels, entitled “Closed

Radref meeting/dinner @ ALA Seattle: Updated minutes

Hi all, below are the updated "minutes" such as they are. I think there are a few items for discussion. I'll post on the list as well.


Radical Reference meeting
Pan African Market, Seattle

USA PATRIOT revisited

I was talking with a friend today about Rich Lowry, the "editor" of the National Review, and it reminded me of the editorial that Shinjoung and I wrote in response to one of Lowry's columns about librarians and the USA PATRIOT Act. So I thought I'd post our letter to the editor of the San Diego Tribune. And for fairness' sake, I've posted Lowry's original drivel below the fold (as it should be!). Read on:

Delicous dream becomes reality

Some of you may remember me posting about my delicious dream project of using delicious to build a radical reference reference shelf of Web resources. Well, as you can see by the delicious tags in the right column, the dream is becoming reality! Thanks Jenna for adding the del.icio.us block to the radref site!!

Donate to the Pacifica radio archives

I was listening to KPFA, my local pacifica station this morning, and they were having a fund drive for the Pacifica Radio Archives. The archives contain the voices of 20th century people's history: Studs Terkel, Mahalia Jackson, James Baldwin, and *many* more voices of the people, peace and justice! The fund drive is needed to support their preservation project (and other projects) which seeks to digitize many of the old tapes in the archive.

New rule for librarians

New Rule: We Don't Need Drug Tests for Librarians
Commentary by Bill Maher

What the fuck is wrong with us indeed?! It's a sad day when a comedian actually is the voice of reason. But that's been the US for the last 6 years! Read on:

Prelinger talk in Brooklyn on Sept 5

You HAVE TO go to this talk by Rick and Megan Prelinger, creators of
the Prelinger Library in San Francisco. Theirs is a truly inspiring and thought-provoking story of the creation of a library out of their private collections of books, ephemera, govt documents, etc.

Get your Radref iron-on decals!

FYI: Radical reference iron-on decals are now ready for download. Click on the "volunteer" link above or go directly to the iron-on page. Now you can proudly display the RR colors.

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