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Radical Reference site tops 50 volunteers!

Thanks everyone. There are now 50 volunteers registered on the website and 78 members on the listserv. That's a great big pool of reference! Even the largest research libraries don't have 50 reference librarians chomping at the bit to get answers for people.

Chart shows connection between Bush ratings and terror alerts

This Approval vs alert chart and the timeline of alerts below it clearly shows a correlation between news events (especially BAD news) and the release of terror alerts.

Library as third space

This was originally posted on Jessmyn West's Librarian.net. This post from TechnoBiblio is talking about third spaces -- those places in our communities where people naturally gather -- and how librarians can use technologies to infiltrate those spaces. Two things stuck out for me: most "third spaces" mentioned were centered around consumer activity (Starbucks, cafes...); and there was mention of prisons as a third space for the economically disadvantaged in our society.

Are we becoming "Mybrarians" with this radical reference service? Are libraries 3rd spaces? Can this radical reference site be a virtual 3rd space? Thoughts?

first post

I'm just posting for the first time.

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