Question: Vote fraud

Did the Republicans steal the election?

Question: Subsidized housing, criminal justice, and evictions

There are laws and regulations about federally subsidized housing that
allow local housing authorities to evict (or deny leasing) to people with certain criminal histories.

Yet, it is probable that many communities with high rates of arrest, incarceration, parole, probation, etc., also overlap with public housing and Section 8 tenants.

Question: Israeli destruction of Arab olive trees

I have heard that the Israeli army destroys olive trees belonging to Arabs. Could you confirm this for me, and if possible, find Israel's rationale. The Talmud expressly forbids the destruction of an enemy's olive trees.

Question: YA Collection development on globalization

I am looking for quality children's and young adult literature that address globalization issues. I want to include them in a library collection.

Question: comparing the 2004 election map to a pre-civil war map

I work at the Indypendent newspaper, and we want to run this map comparing free states and slave states from before the Civil War to the current division between red and blue states. We want to make sure the information is accurate before printing it in the paper!

Question: Historical NYC images

I'm looking for historic images of NYC for a documentary that I'm working on for my group, Heads On Fire. I hope you can help out.

Specifically, I'm looking for images of Brooklyn from 1925 - 1950,
especially images of Prospect Market and Belmont Market in Brownsville
around 1925. I'm also looking for images of the 1595 East NY Avenue area.

Question: Small town Libraries

Where can I find listings (telephone/address/etc) of all the small town, rural libraries in the US?

Question: Media and Iraq War

Can you give me a good list/bibliography of books and articles about US media coverage of the War in Iraq?

Question: Dutch anarchist communities

I want to start up a DUTCH Anarchisme Community, my question is, do you have some tips, and are there other dutch communities?

Question: Global flour trade

I am researching the history of Seattle's Fisher family. The Fisher's owned a huge flour mill. I am trying to understand the political context of Fisher's role in the grain trade.

I have a book, "Merchants of Grain" by Dan Morgan, which outlines the global and political implications of the grain trade. It was written in 1979. I am looking for some material that would bring my understanding of this issue up to the current day. I am sure the type of article i am looking for would at least reference this book.

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