Question: Borderline Personality Disorder and Transgenderism

Question? : I am looking for information on the behavior and treatment of transgender people with both borderline personality disorder. I am looking for this information so that I can both intellectually understand what my friend is going through and have ideas about how I can be supportive.

Question: Boondocks Cartoon

I am looking for a specific comic strip and dont have access to fancy search engines like alta vista. The comic strip is called Boondocks and the author is Aaron McGruder. The comic I am looking for I think came out in November 2004 shortly after the election.

Question: Radical Right on Campus

Hi rad ref. I'm working on an article on the radical right on college campuses for an upcoming indy article. I need information on three things: one is about congresional legislation that would impose some sort of government control ov er area studies programs.

Question: Changes to ERIC

What was the reasoning behind the Department of Education's closing and "reengineering" of the University of Indiana's 36 year old ERIC database in December 2003? How does the new system differ from the original?

Question: Green Permaculture Rooftop

A community garden group has gotten a committment from a developer to build a garden and community center attached to their project. We have the wonderful opportunity to submit designs, and want to have a green, permaculture rooftop. My question is in two parts.

Question: bell hooks "Killing Rage"

I am looking for any interviews or articles (any format) featuring bell hooks discussing or mentioning her book 'Killing Rage.' But ONLY that book. I found the transcript from BookTV of her appearance with Brian Lamb when the book came out. Is there anything else out there?

Question: Ex-Microsoft Employee Building Schools in Asia

I am a student in Portland Oregon and saw a news interview about a former employee of Microsoft who is using his foundation to build schools in Asia. As my senior project I want to raise enough money to build one school, but I was unable to get the name of the philanthropist or his foundation.

Question: Free Wireless in London

hellllo...I came recently to london and i m looking for
some places where i can use my laptop(i have wireless card) to acess
to free internet without limit of time(preferential a place where i

QUESTION: Emma Goldman quote

What did Emma Goldman mean when she said "Its not my revolution if i can't dance to it?"

Question: King Phillip's Head

After King Phillip's head was posted at Plymouth, Mass. it was taken somewhere. Where was it taken and what happened to it?

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