Question: Coops in Brooklyn

I am serching for infor relating to co-op housing or co-housing in Brooklyn NY or any of the surrounding areas...I am moving from Minneapolis to NY early spring and want to look into moving into a goo

Question: Rent & Income disparity Infobox

The Indypendent is doing a two-page affordable housing spread for its upcoming Jan. 27 issue. We would like to create an infobox that highlights how NY's spirlaing rent increases disproportionately affect poor and middle-income people. Was thinking we should try to compare the average income and rent and rent as % of monthly income in several different neighborhoods.

Question: Public Bathrooms in DC

Where are the public restrooms in DC We need to know ASAP for the counter-inaugural

Question: Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr's original first name was Michael, and he changed it when he was in 6th grade. (I'm not sure whether it was Michael Luther King or just Michael King.) Was his father's first n

Question: Activist Information-Seeking

I'm trying to locate research articles on the information-seeking habits activists. I thought that since we deal with nothing but information there would be lots of research out there. Boy, was I wrong.

Question: Library Services to Prisoners

I am a librarian-to-be and definitely radical. I've done some research on progressive librarianship and am really excited that there are like-minded folks out there in the profession. I am interested in potentially working in a prison/jail/detention center.

Question: Borderline Personality Disorder and Transgenderism

Question? : I am looking for information on the behavior and treatment of transgender people with both borderline personality disorder. I am looking for this information so that I can both intellectually understand what my friend is going through and have ideas about how I can be supportive.

Question: Boondocks Cartoon

I am looking for a specific comic strip and dont have access to fancy search engines like alta vista. The comic strip is called Boondocks and the author is Aaron McGruder. The comic I am looking for I think came out in November 2004 shortly after the election.

Question: Radical Right on Campus

Hi rad ref. I'm working on an article on the radical right on college campuses for an upcoming indy article. I need information on three things: one is about congresional legislation that would impose some sort of government control ov er area studies programs.

Question: Changes to ERIC

What was the reasoning behind the Department of Education's closing and "reengineering" of the University of Indiana's 36 year old ERIC database in December 2003? How does the new system differ from the original?

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