Question: Labor Research

It would help me greatly if you could provide leads on the following:

- Specific salary and benefit information (real numbers) for nurses and nurse specialists in specific Connecticut and Eastern New York State hospitals.

Question: Poll Data on Bush/Kerry Election

I am going to be debating Peter Beinart, editor of the New Republic next week. I want to argue that the main problem in the election was NOT the liberal base. Rather the problem was John Kerry. I want to demonstrate this by quoting polls which showed Kerry Voters saying they voted for Kerry more because they opposed Bush than they supported Kerry.

Question: Level of Support of Iraq War By Soldiers

I am working on short doc. about Iraq veterans against the war. I am looking for polls of soldiers in Iraq that reflect their attitude towards the war. I overheard fox news say polls showed 80% of soldiers supported the war.

Question: Rockefeller Drug Laws

I'm working with a writer on an article about the reforms to the Rockefeller Drug Laws that were recently signed into law. Was looking for two things:

1.) actual text of the new law

2.) want to do a sidebar/infobox on the seven or so neighborhoods in nyc that send a hugely disproportionate number of drug offenders to state prisons. i don't know those seven off the top of my head but i'm guessing south bronx, wash heights, harlem, bed-stuy, etc,... the data we would be looking for: number of drug war prisoners from a given neighborhood in prison, drug war prisoners from a given neighborhood in prison as a percentage of the total nyc drug war prisoner population.

Question: Pre-made Stencils

Where on the net can I find some pre-made stencils? It would be greatly appreciated if you can provide me with some websites.

Question: Jeff Gannon and Talon News Service

There is extensive research going on at regarding the status of Jeff Gannon and the Talon News Service. See dailykos for a recap and the latest.

Question: Coops in Brooklyn

I am serching for infor relating to co-op housing or co-housing in Brooklyn NY or any of the surrounding areas...I am moving from Minneapolis to NY early spring and want to look into moving into a goo

Question: Rent & Income disparity Infobox

The Indypendent is doing a two-page affordable housing spread for its upcoming Jan. 27 issue. We would like to create an infobox that highlights how NY's spirlaing rent increases disproportionately affect poor and middle-income people. Was thinking we should try to compare the average income and rent and rent as % of monthly income in several different neighborhoods.

Question: Public Bathrooms in DC

Where are the public restrooms in DC We need to know ASAP for the counter-inaugural

Question: Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr's original first name was Michael, and he changed it when he was in 6th grade. (I'm not sure whether it was Michael Luther King or just Michael King.) Was his father's first n

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