Question: Romain Roland

From a friend's email:

"As is my usual practice, I sent Noam Chomsky a Christmas card this past December. Chomsky responded with a brief note, as he has on a few occasions in the past. In my card I had quoted the line from Gramsci about "pessimisn of the intellect, optimism of the will." Chomsky claims that the line in fact comes from Romain Roland originally.

Question: Demographics in INS Detention Centers

Is there a way to find out the demographics of those detained in INS detention facilities? I know that different state departments of corrections and the Bureau of Justice release reports on who is in their custody.

Question: Labor Research

It would help me greatly if you could provide leads on the following:

- Specific salary and benefit information (real numbers) for nurses and nurse specialists in specific Connecticut and Eastern New York State hospitals.

Question: Poll Data on Bush/Kerry Election

I am going to be debating Peter Beinart, editor of the New Republic next week. I want to argue that the main problem in the election was NOT the liberal base. Rather the problem was John Kerry. I want to demonstrate this by quoting polls which showed Kerry Voters saying they voted for Kerry more because they opposed Bush than they supported Kerry.

Question: Level of Support of Iraq War By Soldiers

I am working on short doc. about Iraq veterans against the war. I am looking for polls of soldiers in Iraq that reflect their attitude towards the war. I overheard fox news say polls showed 80% of soldiers supported the war.

Question: Rockefeller Drug Laws

I'm working with a writer on an article about the reforms to the Rockefeller Drug Laws that were recently signed into law. Was looking for two things:

1.) actual text of the new law

2.) want to do a sidebar/infobox on the seven or so neighborhoods in nyc that send a hugely disproportionate number of drug offenders to state prisons. i don't know those seven off the top of my head but i'm guessing south bronx, wash heights, harlem, bed-stuy, etc,... the data we would be looking for: number of drug war prisoners from a given neighborhood in prison, drug war prisoners from a given neighborhood in prison as a percentage of the total nyc drug war prisoner population.

Question: Pre-made Stencils

Where on the net can I find some pre-made stencils? It would be greatly appreciated if you can provide me with some websites.

Question: Jeff Gannon and Talon News Service

There is extensive research going on at regarding the status of Jeff Gannon and the Talon News Service. See dailykos for a recap and the latest.

Question: Coops in Brooklyn

I am serching for infor relating to co-op housing or co-housing in Brooklyn NY or any of the surrounding areas...I am moving from Minneapolis to NY early spring and want to look into moving into a goo

Question: Rent & Income disparity Infobox

The Indypendent is doing a two-page affordable housing spread for its upcoming Jan. 27 issue. We would like to create an infobox that highlights how NY's spirlaing rent increases disproportionately affect poor and middle-income people. Was thinking we should try to compare the average income and rent and rent as % of monthly income in several different neighborhoods.

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