Question: childhood vaccinations and autism

I have a really important question to ask re: childhood vaccinations and autism, specifically the MMRP, and if there is any case law allowing a kid to stay in school without getting the vaccine OR is there a mercury-free version of the MMRP.

Question: copyright expirations

I am wondering if Susan B Anthony's Addresses Judge Ward Hunt in 'The United States of America vs. Susan B. Anthony' which is reprinted in 'Voices of a People's History (ed. Howard Zinn & Anthony Arnove) is something we need permission to reprint?

Question: order 81 in Iraq

In the proposed ftaa and similar trade agreements, are there similar proposed blocks to farmers planting their own seeds? In order 81 in Iraq, farmers are forbidden to plant their saved seeds from the year before's crop and must buy seeds from multinational biotech, thanks to Paul bremer's order.

Question: Attacks by US troops on reporters in Iraq

Recently there's been a big buzz in the blogosphere about Eason Jordan's resignation from CNN (he claimed that US troops 'deliberately attacked' journalists). But there's been almost no investigation the veracity of his claims.

Question: Anarchism / Habermas

Are there theoretical / academic / not so academic writings that examine the links (or non links) between anarchist theory and the work of Jurgen Habermas (either his theory of the public sphere or his theory of communicative action?) Or even anything that looks at anarchism / and "civil society"?

Question: Romain Roland

From a friend's email:

"As is my usual practice, I sent Noam Chomsky a Christmas card this past December. Chomsky responded with a brief note, as he has on a few occasions in the past. In my card I had quoted the line from Gramsci about "pessimisn of the intellect, optimism of the will." Chomsky claims that the line in fact comes from Romain Roland originally.

Question: Demographics in INS Detention Centers

Is there a way to find out the demographics of those detained in INS detention facilities? I know that different state departments of corrections and the Bureau of Justice release reports on who is in their custody.

Question: Labor Research

It would help me greatly if you could provide leads on the following:

- Specific salary and benefit information (real numbers) for nurses and nurse specialists in specific Connecticut and Eastern New York State hospitals.

Question: Poll Data on Bush/Kerry Election

I am going to be debating Peter Beinart, editor of the New Republic next week. I want to argue that the main problem in the election was NOT the liberal base. Rather the problem was John Kerry. I want to demonstrate this by quoting polls which showed Kerry Voters saying they voted for Kerry more because they opposed Bush than they supported Kerry.

Question: Level of Support of Iraq War By Soldiers

I am working on short doc. about Iraq veterans against the war. I am looking for polls of soldiers in Iraq that reflect their attitude towards the war. I overheard fox news say polls showed 80% of soldiers supported the war.

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