Open Source/Drupal Week in the Northeast: February 23-28

February 23-26 Code4Lib 2009 in Providence, RI costs money, but has been sold out for weeks anyway
February 27 Drupal4Lib Camp in Darien, CT FREE, also sold (freed) out
February 28 DrupalCampNYC6 in NY, NY FREE, meals provided, and there are still seats available

One of the organizers of DrupalCampNYC6 is Eric Goldhagen, Radical Reference's lead tech. At DrupalCampNYC5 there was a library birds of a feather session and a Rad Ref code sprint. They also do an extensive Drupal for absolute beginners session at most Camps. This type of camp/con is what you make it/ask of it.


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