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"Free as in what? A debate on open source vs. free culture" at Eyebeam 10/29/09

October 29, 2009
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Eyebeam - 540 W 21st Street, NYC

Open Source/Drupal Week in the Northeast: February 23-28

February 23-26 Code4Lib 2009 in Providence, RI costs money, but has been sold out for weeks anyway
February 27 Drupal4Lib Camp in Darien, CT FREE, also sold (freed) out
February 28 DrupalCampNYC6 in NY, NY FREE, meals provided, and there are still seats available

Another ShinJames Yeocabs project

Two Radical Reference volunteers, James Jacobs and ShinJoung Yeo, both librarians at Stanford University helped develop an Open Source Lab "to be a nexus on campus for the discussion, advocacy, and technical support of community-based technologies and information systems" at the institution, and it was written up in Red Hat Magazine.

Radical Reference at the Mid-Atlantic Radical Bookfair

Radical Reference will be conducting two workshops on Saturday October 20th in lovely Baltimore. You can see a full schedule of speakers, tables and other workshops here.
Descriptions of the workshops we are conducting are here. We'll have a table with (hopefully) some exciting crafty stuff too, so come over, it should be pretty great.

QUESTION: documenting peer to peer practices in all social domains, where to find volunteers?

question / pregunta: 

Since November 2006, I have been documenting, through the wiki at, the emergence of open/free, participatory/p2p, and commons oriented social movements in all areas of social life. We (but mostly myself) have created 5,491 pages of documentation which have been viewed 1,732,364 times. I have often thought that only librarians might be really motivated by collaborating in such a project to build a free knowledge base, and my question is: how would I find the forums where I could appeal for such assistance.

Drupal Camp NYC July 2007

I hope folks will go to Drupal Camp NYC on July 14 at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn. Check out the sessions page to see what's appropriate for you. Notice that the whole things starts with PHP 101 for Non-Programmers!

Massachusetts Library Association Conference -- Radical Reference Presentation

Radical Reference:
Community Librarianship and Free/Open Source Technology

Presented at the Massachusetts Library Association Confererence, Friday May 4, 2007 11am-12:15pm.

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