QUESTION: How do I find a non-profits IRS 900 form when Guidestar won't turn anything up?

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I'm looking into a non-profit called the Alliance for Youth Movements ( I searched for its IRS 990 forms on both and and nothing turned up. How do I get their 990? Do I have to go through the IRS directly? Is it possible for non-profits to file their IRS paperwork under a different name than the one they publicly use, making it impossible to search for their records?


It is possible that for Youth Movements is a subsidiary organization covered under a group return filed by a parent organization (fiscal sponsorship), and that's why their 990 isn't coming up on Guidestar or Foundation Center.

However, according to the Internal Revenue Service, tax-exempt organizations must make available for public inspection certain annual returns and applications for exemption, and must provide copies of such returns and applications to individuals who request them. You can also request the 990 directly from the IRS. Additional information on the process is available on the IRS website at

You can contact the organization for clarification on their name and tax-exempt status at

Launched Feb 2011

While AYM dates back to 2008, did not launch until this year. Could it be that AYM was not registered, but simply operated as a project out of Google, etc.? It may be that official nonprofit status wasn't needed until this year, and so th 990 isn't in yet?

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