QUESTION: How do you find out information about who funds public radio?

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How much public information is available on what companies are underwriting public radio? I was looking at NPR's IRS 990 on Guidestar, but it doesn't list any kind of breakdown as to how it is underwritten. Is this public info?

Answer: QUESTION: grant opportunities for not-for-profits (organizations that are not 501C3 registered "non-profits")


Unfortunately most foundations, particularly the ones that are larger in scale, do require the organizations that they fund to have 503(c)(3) status. There are a couple of ways around this. One is to explore fiscal sponsorship. If there are organizations with which your space partners that do have 501(c)(3) status, there is a relatively simple process by which you can gain fiscal sponsorship, and therefore be able to apply for grants using their 501(c)(3) status (as an umbrella). There is a useful section on the Grant Space section of The Foundation Center's website on how to go about getting fiscal sponsorship

Foundations or organizations which are more likely to offer grants to groups that do not have 501(c)(3) status tend to be smaller and local. It couldn't hurt to reach out to local arts councils and/or foundations that are specific to your city or town. Since you have a local focus, they may be willing to overlook the lack of non-profit status, or they may have grants where this is not a requirement.

Although they mostly focus on grants for 501(c)(3) organizations, it worth looking at the list of cooperating collections with The Foundation Center to see if there is one in your area. These centers are often hosted at public libraries and provide access to countless resources (both print and electronic) for finding foundations and grants that fit the specific needs of your organization.

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QUESTION: How do I find a non-profits IRS 900 form when Guidestar won't turn anything up?

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I'm looking into a non-profit called the Alliance for Youth Movements ( I searched for its IRS 990 forms on both and and nothing turned up. How do I get their 990? Do I have to go through the IRS directly? Is it possible for non-profits to file their IRS paperwork under a different name than the one they publicly use, making it impossible to search for their records?

Researching Corporations, Front Groups, and Corporate Influence on Government

These links can help you research the influence of business (aka big business, corporations, big corporations) on government, the media, and other areas of life. This information is often difficult to find as this kind of influence tends to be exerted through a wide variety of means such as campaign donations, pseudo-grassroots organizations, PR and advertising campaigns, lobbying, professional organizations, research funding (or obstruction thereof), and more.

While every effort has been made to link to sites that present accurate information, it's important to view everything you find with a grain of salt. Interaction between a corporate representative and a government official doesn't necessarily mean explicit corruption. Political scientists and other academics have debated the extent, forms, and impact of corporate influence for decades. These complex issues deserve careful consideration from the people most interested in building a more just world - activists, researchers, and other radicals. Activists and independent journalists can always post their questions on the main page to get further assistance with making the most of these resources.

For now, this guide will focus most of its efforts on US politics - but that can change if you contribute international resources (domestic ones are, of course, also welcome)!

Categories include: For Starters, Lobbying, Interest Groups, Front Groups, Funding/Tax Info, 527s, "Revolving Door", Think Tanks, Wikileaks Cables, US Government Records, Government Contracts, and Money in Medicine & Science

For Starters
Recent LA Times story regarding the failure of many corporations to fully disclose political spending

Answer: QUESTION: Fundraising for cancer research


These 7 articles have all cited that article. Hope this helps!

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