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ANSWER: Where can I obtain statistics about illegal immigrants from Cuba?

I'm working on your question about deported Cubans. I've been able to get some numbers for 2004, but not for 2005. It's possible that the data hasn't been posted yet, but I'm going to dig a little deeper...

Answer: What Killed Jacob Marley (From Dicken's A Christmas Carol)?

Thanks for the great question!

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The US government publishes information, statistics and data across many disciplines and subject areas.

ANSWER: Anarchism in Argentina

Here are the books and articles that I have been able to find on anarchism and Argentina. A possible resource for further research would be the Anarchy Archives, which has a page specifically on Anarchism in Argentina (http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/Anarchist_Archives/worldwidemovements/argenhis.html) Also the Anarchist Federation, publishes a magazine, Organize! which has had two articles recently on the currently state of anarchism in Argentina (available online at: http://www.af-north.org/organise.htm)

Answer: Churchill Quotations

Here’s a good Churchill quote to start this answer, courtesy of Rad Reffer Jenna and The Book of Unusual Quotations (p. 232)

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    Resources for Finding Affordable Health Care

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Answer: anarchist criminology

as you might imagine, outlining anarchist visions of policing is a tricky thing.

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