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Below are some sources to get you started on the first part of your question, which I guess is the main part, about punk rock's relation to political movements and activism such as Black Bloc or the wider anti-globalization movement.

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ANSWER: Nontraditional/Anarchist Families in Fiction

In response to the query: Anarchist or alternative families in fiction, there are many, many Utopian, science fiction and novels with characters that hew close to what I think you are looking for. I've tried to limit my choices to books or movies about families in anarchist or socialist communes, but I've also thrown in some of my favorites about gay, alternative or nontraditional families. There are no sources to cite; I dug through our catalogue and brainstormed with colleagues. For the films I dug around in the Internet Movie Database (us.imdb.com) and received tips from fellow Radical Reference members. I hope others will add many comments and additions to this useful list!

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Answer: International stats for children in sweatshops

I've looked through a variety of ILO databases, UN's ODS, Readex's AccessUN, the Index to International Statistics and Statistical Lexis Nexis without finding any estimates. The idea that this activity might be considered illegal in many countries - hence an underground economy - may be a factor in the lack of data. A variety of sources decried the lack or "paucity" of data on the issue. China's build-up of garment producing infrastructure and the change in global garment trade rules provide an interesting context to your question.

ANSWER: Goldman's paraphrase

While this is Emma Goldman's most famous "quote," there is no documentation that she ever actually said or wrote this anywhere.

The quote is actually a paraphrase. An explanation, w/the original quote + context, is Alix Kates Shulman's article "Dances with Feminists" -- via the amazing Emma Goldman Papers site.

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