Rini Templeton- Movement Artist!

Since the spring, i've been cataloging posters at UCLA's Chicano Studies Research Center. The recent post on maoist propaganda got me thinking i might post on some different movement images.

Rini Templeton "made drawings of activists in the United States, Mexico and Central America while she joined them in their meetings, demonstrations, picket lines and other actions for social justice. She called her bold black-and-white images "xerox art" because activists and organizers could copy them easily for use in their banners, signs, leaflets, newsletters, even T-shirts, whenever needed.

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I recommend starting with this article:

Seif, Hinda. "'Wise Up!' Undocumented Latino Youth, Mexican-American Legislators, and the Struggle for Higher Education Access." Latino Studies; vol. 2, no. 2, July 2004, pp. 210-230.

There are relevant chapters in this book:

WorldCat link: Major problems in Mexican American history : documents and essays

You might want to watch this documentary:

WorldCat link: Alienated undocumented immigrant youth

...and this film, produced by youths:

WorldCat link: America's invisible backbone rights vs. limitations

Also, try searching in WorldCat for "teenage immigrants" to see more books, films, etc.

Hope this helps...let us know we can assist you further! Thanks for asking us.

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QUESTION: Sources on undocumented students and activism

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I am looking for any sources (preferably written, and preferably scholarly) on undocumented youth and activism. More broadly, stuff on undocumented youth in general from the last 10 years or so would be helpful. I am looking for books, journal articles, dissertations, etc - anything with "scholarly merit".

thanks, radical reference people!

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