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History Is A Weapon- help them keep Howard Zinn's book up on their site!

The amazing online resource History is as Weapon (and you can find other resources on the reference shelf) is having a problem with the

Time to Take Divestment from Israel a LOT MORE SERIOUSLY

While the recent attacks on Gaza should come as no surprise to people who have followed just the last year's events of Israel denying food and medicine into the region, they are still horrifying and s

Problems with the Cataloging of the Graphic Novel "Palestine" and Zionist narratives

For those of you who don't know Joe Sacco's amazing graphic novel journalism, you should.

In my new position as a teen services librarian i was doing a search of different graphic novels in my library system, and found some problematic cataloging of Joe Sacco's Palestine.

Radical Reference speaking at Spectrum Institute, 6/27/08

california missions?

So: one of the most annoying/odious things i have to do at my current library is to find pictures of the California Missions for kids so they can build mini versions of them.

i added some resources to the reference shelf page history/resistance

yo: i added some resources to the History, Resistance section of the Reference Shelf (look towards the top right of the website).

the question of NET NEUTRALITY is alive and well

I have to admit that i've been lax in paying attention to the issue of Net Neutrality. Listening to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!

Ciudad de Mexico, 1968, Tlatelolco, Archives; I just visited DF! / Questions on archives and social movement / Latest reading

I just visited Mexico City for the first time, and i had a really amazing time.

New Left and New New Left (?) Media Resources

I've recently been reading a number of articles from the publication Radical America, which lasted from the late 1960s in

Rini Templeton- Movement Artist!

Since the spring, i've been cataloging posters at UCLA's Chicano Studies Research Center. The recent post on maoist propaganda got me thinking i might post on some different movement images.

Rini Templeton "made drawings of activists in the United States, Mexico and Central America while she joined them in their meetings, demonstrations, picket lines and other actions for social justice. She called her bold black-and-white images "xerox art" because activists and organizers could copy them easily for use in their banners, signs, leaflets, newsletters, even T-shirts, whenever needed.

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