You might try contacting Neighborhood Bike Works about their Bike Part Art Show, which often features reused and recycled materials. They may recommend artists who would be interested in your project.

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Hi Adrienne,

I've contacted some Philadelphia artists and activists and am waiting for more suggestions, but in the meantime I suggest starting with Book Bombs. They do stuff like make books out of old clothes.

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QUESTION: Defining "clean" and "green" occupations and industries

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I am beginning research to create a white paper on the emerging "clean tech economy." I will need to define what are "clean occupations" and "clean industries." There does not seem to be a lot of official consensus out there on the topic on definitions.

The Pew Trust has released a report with their own definitions, as other agencies have done the same. State labor departments have released their own reports also, attempting to define these industries and occupations. The Bureau of Labor has mentioned "green jobs" occassionally, but has not created an official definition.

There is low inter-consistency between these reports on "clean" occupations and industry definitions. I am missing any source or leading report on the topic?

Composting Resources Online

The following resources were originally posted to the Progressive Librarians Guild discussion list on February 4, 2008 and have been published here with permission from the author, Fred Stoss. It has been edited slightly, but no resources have been removed.

They are divided into Government, Education, and Organizational sites

Don't Travel to ALA without Your Travel Mug

From: Task Force on the Environment, American Library Association

To: All Librarians Attending the 2008 ALA Midwinter Meeting

Librarians Raise Their Cups for Planet Earth

The Task Force on the Environment of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (TFOE-SRRT) wants conference goers to bring their favorite traveling mugs and water bottles in support of efforts encouraging the American Library Association (ALA) to reduce its carbon footprint. TFOE will launch this event at the upcoming ALA 2008 Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia from January 11-14, 2008. The title of this campaign is "Cup by Cup for a Greener ALA." The campaign will show that ALA members are ready to make lifestyle changes for sustainable conferences and to protect the health of the Earth.

Green Librarianship Wiki

One outcome of Library Camp NYC's session on Green Librarianship was the creation of a wiki, hosted by Radical Reference. Please contribute!

QUESTION: Soil Testing for Heavy Metals

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I'd like to know if there are any simple, low-cost, easy to use methods for detecting lead in soil. The process of detecting heavy metals in the soils in New Orleans is necessitating the use of University resources and I would like to find a way to detect lead (or other heavy metals, or petroleum chemicals) that all residents can use who aren't able to utilize the same resources.

Is there any such method?

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