QUESTION: Prison Population statistics and health care costs

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I'm doing a research project in which I try to estimate the cost of health care for prisoners as a function of age. The best way (that I can think of) to do this is to find the prison health care spending of each state, and also the prison population characteristics.
The question is, does anyone know where I can find prison population statistics that include age? I need this for each state, and/or the federal prison system. If someone knows how to use census data files, that might help - their summary statistics don't have enough information to be useful.
Thanks for your time.

QUESTION: sit-down demonstration among Oregon prisoners in 1980s

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Some time in the 1980s, women incarcerated in Oregon staged a sit-down demonstration to protest the fact that higher education was available to male prisoners but not female prisoners. As a result of the demonstration, 10 women prisoners were allowed to participate in college courses that had previously only been open to men at Oregon STate Prison.

How would I find media coverage/more information about this demonstration and its results?

QUESTION: finding an instance cited in a court ruling (Overton v Bazzetta, U.S. Court of Appeals)

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In the U.S. Court of Appeals decision in Overton V. Bazzetta, the opinion referenced an incident that happened in a prison: "Visitors were assigned specific seats or tables and were expected to remain where assigned. However, these expectations often were not realized. This was particularly true with respect to child visitors, who often left their assigned position and mingled wiht other children or even with other prisoners. It was during such a wandering period that a 3-year-old child was sexually assaulted by an inmate, an incident that the district judge described as a 'public relations disaster' and Bolden [Daniel Bolden, Deputy Director for the Bureau of Correctional Facilities] termed 'a nightmare.'"

HOw or where would I find out in what prison this occurred?

QUESTION: how would I find the final decision in the case Neal v. MDOC?

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In 1996, the class-action lawsuit Neal v. MDOC was filed on behalf of women prisoners in Michigan. I've found several references of the case in articles in prison journals on-line, but nothing that has stated the final outcome of the case. Where would I look to find the most recent (or final) decision of a case?

QUESTION: prison lawsuit from 1970s

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Follow-up question to the last one about Carol Crooks and a 1974 court decision.

What is the original suit that Crooks v. Warne references (or appeals)?

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