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Call for proposals! Information Literacy and Social Justice: Radical Professional Praxis (An Edited Collection)

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Information Literacy and Social Justice: Radical Professional Praxis (An Edited Collection)

Shana Higgins and Lua Gregory are instruction and reference librarians at the University of Redlands.

In her award winning essay “Information Literacy and Reflective Pedagogical Praxis,” Heidi L.M. Jacobs draws out the inherent democratizing and social justice elements of information literacy as defined in the “Alexandria Proclamation On Information Literacy and Lifelong Learning.” She suggests that because of these underlying social justice elements, information literacy “is not only educational but also inherently political, cultural, and social” (258). We propose to extend the discussion of information literacy and its social justice aspects that James Elmborg, Cushla Kapitzke, Maria T. Accardi, Emily Drabinski, and Alana Kumbier, and Maura Smale have begun.

QUESTION: Use and Effectiveness of Peoples' Charters and Manifestos

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I am looking for studies, including evaluations focused on the the use of written political mobilization tools, e.g. manifestos, peoples' charters, declarations, in achieving political change. Hope you can help. Thanks!

Answer: QUESTION: Jobs


A couple other places to look are:

Vegan Jobs: "If you are a vegan looking for vegan work, or a vegan who owns a vegan company, you've come to the right place. We are currently listing vegan companies all over the world who are vegan owned and who provide vegan products."

Feminist jobs and internships:

And, Amherst College has some info on finding activism-focused jobs with links to more job sites:

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question: QUESTION: Jobs


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How can I find work with radical organizations in Boston? Anything from anti-police violence, anti-racism, affordable housing, queer liberation.... anything radical! I want to be in the fight for liberation and also be able to eat. Help a friend out.

Invitation to 3rd NYC Encuentro for Dignity & Against Displacement

Movement for Justice in El Barrio

RSVP by Monday, February 15th:
(212) 561-0555 or
childcare and English & Spanish translations provided

An echo that turns itself into many voices, into a network of voices that, before the deafness of power, opts to speak to itself, knowing itself to be one and many, acknowledging itself to be equal in its desire to listen and be listened to, recognizing itself as different in the tonalities and levels of voices forming it. A network of voices that resist the war that power wages on them.
– Words of the Zapatistas at the "First Intercontinental Encuentro for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism."

6th Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference

SAVE THE DATE! 6th Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference
Saturday, May 30, 2009

9am-6pm: Hunter College, 68th St & Lexington Ave, 5th Floor

ANSWER: GIS mapping resources and data sets for U.S. social, economic, environmental justice indicators and demographic trends


In, the search: "free gis data" gets 50 hits, free GIS downloads (no double quotes) gets 99, "downloading gis" gets 37, etc. is tricky – using truncation seems not to work consistently. Download* gis gets 100, but sometimes the asterisk causes zero hits. Compare with Web searches using site:gov. Google gets 343 hits for "free gis" download* site:gov , and 4 hits for "free gis" "environmental justice" site:gov. To get data from colleges and universities, try searches like: "free gis" "environmental justice" site:edu (23 hits). Although includes a lot of state government sites, it is good to try searching for each state. For example, gis "environmental justice" gets about 62 pages, plus some duplicates. In the search, +"environmental justice" +gis gets 123 hits in the past 2 years alone. The phrase "free gis data" in "advanced search" gets 13 hits. Better yet, in the left hand index column of "Natural Resources" page, they have a link to interactive maps and GeoGateway

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GIS mapping resources and data sets for U.S. social, economic, environmental justice indicators and demographic trends

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Greetings -

Looking for free or relatively low cost GIS mapping resources and data sets that could be used for mapping a range of social, economic and environmental justice indicators and other demographic trends in the United States. We're looking to produce both national and selected maps. The target list of states to highlight include Washington, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Mississippi, Georgia and North Carolina. Thanks always to Radical Reference, for this great service and the spirit in which it is provided.

QUESTION: Social Justice in Florida

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Hello -

I am looking for resources that will help me identify trends (say over a 5-10 year period) in social, economic and environmental justice in Florida. Other than the U.S. Census, are there resources or research institutes that you could recommend? I am also looking for data on trends (Florida) in privatization and gentrification, to the extent that it is available.

QUESTION: Social, economic & political statistics & trends related to girls and young women in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Greetings! I am looking for assistance with finding statistics and trends related to the social, economic and political well-being of girls and young women in the Western Hemisphere and its sub-regions (Andean; Southern Cone; English, Dutch and French-speaking Caribbean, Central, South and North America. I am also trying to identify organizations within the region who are organizing to promote the voice and rights of girls and young women and/or building a progressive analysis or policy platform as it relates to advancing the interests of girls and young women. I appreciate your help and was delighted to learn about your organization at the U.S. Social Forum.

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