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Hi Radical Reference,

I'm currently working on a project I have been dreaming about for a longtime. Getting a Printing Press off the ground. So far I have began to stur up interest and support with a blog stating the projects intent and a small initial project that will realize in the meantime (a collaborative zine). I've been sending the e-mail below to friends and have begun doing searches for projects, people, etc. to also contact. I anticipate I will be sending out e-mails over the next week or two as I continue to do research.

My question for you has to do with needing a fiscal sponsor to umbrella
under while I begin to raise money. After checking out the project more who would you suggest I contact to propose such an endeavor? I really appreciate your time and any information you could share.

Mad Love and Sweet Rebellion,
jenny haley
Smart Tart Press

Shinjoung Yeo: librarian, activist, Bitch superstar

Shinjoung Yeo was profiled in the Winter 2008 issue (no. 38) of Bitch, as part of the "Bitch in: Cool Activists, Good Causes" column. It's on page. 33 and was written by Marjorie Asturias-Lochlear.

About half the article is about Radical Reference, but it also discusses feminism and race. Her fave five activist entities are listed as

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