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QUESTION: Seeking definitions of a radical pamphlet

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Hello and thank you very much for your time. I am seeking a definition of the radical pamphlet. My research has identified the following topic or subject areas affiliated with the radical pamphlet: socialism and socialist theory and practice, critiques of capitalism, war and peace, labor movements and the role of unions, international communism.

Might you be able to offer a succinct definition or definitions, or suggestions of resources for further research toward a working definition of the radical pamphlet.

Again, many thanks.

QUESTION: Federal Funding for Solitary Confinement

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I'm looking into the Pennyslvania Dept. of Corrections use of 'restricted housing units.' I am particularly interested in founding out where funding for them comes from, and if this includes founding from the Federal government. Publicly-available information doesn't seem to disaggregated founding sources, and there is less public-available specifics on the Dept. of Corrections Budget. So far most of my research has been from the 'state-side'

So, my questions is if there is a precedent for federal funding for 'restricted housing units' or solitary confinement coming from the Federal Government?

QUESTION: Legal history re: journalistic protections/status for Indymedia (as entity + individuals)

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I need information regarding the history of legal cases where the question of journalistic protections/status for Indymedia as an entity and Indymedia journalists as individuals has been fought out. Cases are relevant in the US and abroad. Particularly relevant in Israel/Palestine. I am interested in all cases where this question has played out, regardless of determination. We are building a case to prevent the IDF from seizing cameras to gather information on activists and people involved in the struggle for a free Palestine. We need info ASAP to try and prevent them from seizing cameras.

QUESTION: Social science fiction concerning the medicalization of social deviance

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ANSWER: Social science fiction concerning the medicalization of social deviance

QUESTION: regarding copyright for study group website

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To whom it may concern,

I am involved in a queer theory group that recently started a wiki page in order to share pdf files of the articles and other reading material we will be discussing in our meetings. We were wondering if this might get us in trouble because of copyright laws, or if you think we might be okay. It is a small group, but I don't know if the size of our group would matter, or what would happen if the group grows in size (which we hope that it does).

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kelly Ginger

QUESTION: researching real estate companies operating in Israel and in NYC

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I work with a group that launched a campaign around the boycott of an
Israeli real estate developer named Lev Leviev several years ago. He both
builds settlements in the Occupied Territories ('67) and is a real estate
developer here in NYC, owning many large pieces of property with his former
business partner, Shaya Boymelgreen. We are currently in a research phase of
our campaign and trying to look into other targets along the same lines:

companies or individuals that develop, buy or sell property or engaged in
construction and contracting in NYC and either in the Occupied Territories
or in Israel proper (developers in Israel proper are highly likely to be
developing in land that was once Palestinian at some point).

WhoProfits, a database maintained by Israel activists on settlement
activity, offers this list of companies that build on Palestinian land:

Other than just going through and starting to google each one of the people
on that list, any other tips or thoughts about how to approach this topic?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

QUESTION: Def Jam Executives' Place on The Source's Hip Hop Power List

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The hip hop monthly The Source publishes a list of the Hip Hop Power 30 every year. Can someone tell me if Russell Simmons or any principal from Def Jam ever made the list higher than number 3 (which I found in February 1999)?

QUESTION: u.s. military multiple deployment statistics

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from an email, identifying info snipped for privacy:

> Hey yall. This is R, who attended a few of your workshops in Detroit. I am doing research and attempting to compound some numbers. I am having a hard time finding a citable statistics explaining percentages of raw numbers of U.S. troops deployed currently and over the course of the Iraq and Afghan wars. Specifically, we want to know how many were and are deployed multiple times, and if so, how many times/what percentage served how many tours. I could only find info from 2005 here:
> The info is integral to a campaign we are working on!
> Any ideas?
> Thanks, peace,

QUESTION: Member-owned corporation serving all needs of its members

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Added by Jenna: This question was posed on an email discussion list and I believe answered privately. I'm marking it answered here, as well, though perhaps deleting it would be more appropriate.

QUESTION: National contraceptive rates

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I'd like to include the modern contraceptive rates for two countries in an article I'm writing--Kenya and Rwanda. Do you know where I can find the most current figure for that statistic?