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QUESTION: How do I do what you do?

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I am a young professional librarian struggling to find ways to make her skills useful to the world at large. What is the best way to go about doing that if one is essentially broke and armed only with a Motorola Droid (which might explain the lack of funds to some extent)?

QUESTION: the importance of media/documentation about social change

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Does anyone know of good writing about the importance of documentation/media about social change movements. I am writing a grant to start a program that teaches students how to document and produce a series of videos about this garden they work on at their school in East New York and am looking for texts about why documentation makes the health education and food justice work that they are doing more effective.

QUESTION: Connecting to Radical Feminist Groups in Philadelphia

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Do you have any suggestions for finding feminist groups in Philadelphia? I am planning a public art project for a group high school and college students about 'Pioneering Women.' We are looking for some sort of radical/feminist group to partner with us on the project.

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QUESTION: Sarah Palin quote (alleged)

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I keep reading this, did former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin actually say/write: "If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it's good enough for us."

QUESTION: Printing Press Fiscal Sponsor

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Hi Radical Reference,

I'm currently working on a project I have been dreaming about for a longtime. Getting a Printing Press off the ground. So far I have began to stur up interest and support with a blog stating the projects intent and a small initial project that will realize in the meantime (a collaborative zine). I've been sending the e-mail below to friends and have begun doing searches for projects, people, etc. to also contact. I anticipate I will be sending out e-mails over the next week or two as I continue to do research.

My question for you has to do with needing a fiscal sponsor to umbrella
under while I begin to raise money. After checking out the project more who would you suggest I contact to propose such an endeavor? I really appreciate your time and any information you could share.

Mad Love and Sweet Rebellion,
jenny haley
Smart Tart Press

QUESTION: book sales

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how much copies of Looking for Love by Sugar Jones and Rosemary Kingsland has been soled to date.

QUESTION: Immigration Reform

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What do experts who study this topic agree on, and what are they still debating?

QUESTION: Basic timeline of global worker cooperative history.

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I work with (a growing number) of immigrant led worker cooperatives based in rural Western NC and am looking for any type of historical timeline on the history of cooperative enterprise here in the US and in the Global South. To help folks understand the context and history and global scale of coops.

With an emphasis (if possible ;) on coops developed by and for working class communities.

Any basic resources would be immensely appreciated.!!

QUESTION: Arizona companies

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Is there an accurate list of what companies are currently based in Arizona?

There is a wiki, but it lists companies as 'based in AZ, or were at one time' which is not helpful to people considering a boycott of companies based in the state. There are also a lot of false assumptions out there (for example, that Arizona Tea should be boycotted, when it's made in NY).

QUESTION: Deportation Historical Data

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What is the data regarding deportations during the last century?