NYC Rad Ref discussion of book and library access to people in prison - Sunday, March 9

Ever really wanted something to read?

Ever thought about how people in prison and jail get books and magazines?

Another ShinJames Yeocabs project

Two Radical Reference volunteers, James Jacobs and ShinJoung Yeo, both librarians at Stanford University helped develop an Open Source Lab "to be a nexus on campus for the discussion, advocacy, and technical support of community-based technologies and information systems" at the institution, and it was written up in Red Hat Magazine.

NYC Grassroots Media Conference - Sunday, March 2

Start getting ready -- the fifth annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference is coming up on Sunday, March 2, at Hunter College.

Ciudad de Mexico, 1968, Tlatelolco, Archives; I just visited DF! / Questions on archives and social movement / Latest reading

I just visited Mexico City for the first time, and i had a really amazing time.

Welcome the RNC Welcoming Committee


The folks from the Twin Cities who are coordinating the protests against the RNC this summer are coming soon to a city near you!

Google and Libraries: an International Conference

Lia Reports Back: Radical Reference at ALA Midwinter 2008

Members, potential members and allies of Radical Reference met in Philadelphia at the A Space, who graciously offered us accommodations for our meeting for a small donation. Thanks A space!

New Left and New New Left (?) Media Resources

I've recently been reading a number of articles from the publication Radical America, which lasted from the late 1960s in

Don't Travel to ALA without Your Travel Mug

From: Task Force on the Environment, American Library Association

To: All Librarians Attending the 2008 ALA Midwinter Meeting

Librarians Raise Their Cups for Planet Earth

The Task Force on the Environment of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (TFOE-SRRT) wants conference goers to bring their favorite traveling mugs and water bottles in support of efforts encouraging the American Library Association (ALA) to reduce its carbon footprint. TFOE will launch this event at the upcoming ALA 2008 Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia from January 11-14, 2008. The title of this campaign is "Cup by Cup for a Greener ALA." The campaign will show that ALA members are ready to make lifestyle changes for sustainable conferences and to protect the health of the Earth.

Weeding libraries. Hello, Grisham -- So Long, Hemingway?

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