Question: FCC complaints

I am looking for information about FCC complaints. Is there any database that lists, for example, complaints that Verizon might have filed with the FCC about other ISP's interference with their wirele

QUESTION: Anarchist families/living alternatives

I need to find a movie or book or script that has an anarchist family/living alternative to use as my case for a research paper about that topic. Do you know of any?

Bibliotecarios Por la Paz (Librarians for Peace)

Gracias por la pregunta a Referencia Radical. Puedo ayudarle, y espero que puede comprenderme en la lengua.

El lugar web "Librarians for Peace" (Bibliotecarios Por la Paz) esta en

New York City Radical Reference Collective

Who We Are (and When/Where We Meet)

The New York City branch of the activist collective Radical Reference is an assortment of information workers in the New York City area dedicated to critical engagement with issues surrounding the intersection of information and social justice. We have done street reference during the 2004 Republican National Convention and other demonstrations, and we offer free workshops on topics like fact-checking and online research. Follow us on Twitter to be kept up-to-date on our activities.

Question: stats for children in sweatshops

I am trying to find world wide statistics for children (to 14) in sweatshops. I've been to a few website but can't seem to find actual numbers.

Question: Colonel Harland David Sanders

I need any and all dirt on Colonel Harland David Sanders of kentuckey fried Chicken. I know he was a mason, and that the Yum Brands Headquarters is built on the property of his still standing plantation home. Rumors abound that he gave an inheritance to the KKK. My Question: Did he or did he not have slaves on this plantation, and did he or did he not affiliate with the KKK?

Question: Who is "Kansas Mutual Aid", "Solidarity Center", and/or "ARISE"?

I'm from Connecticut and we just had a local young man charged with setting fire to a Bronx army recruiting office. Anywho-all the solidarity emails going around direct people to "Kansas Mutual Aid." And the only action is to send them money. Who are they? I can find no information on them. And the only references are the same: the address where to send money.

Question: who funds al-manar television?

I'm researching al-Manar television in Lebanon for an article -- trying to find out who owns/funds al-Manar. I have heard Hebollah, but don't know it that's true.

Question: origin of the slogan "ni dieu ni maître"

I started out the day with a simple task: I would surf the web until I found the origin of the slogan "ni dieu ni maître". It is now roughly 7 hours later, I am bleary-eyed, and have still not been able to answer the question to my satisfaction. Help! This is how far I have come: "Ni Dieu ni maître" was the title of a publication founded by Auguste Blanqui in 1880, which he continued until his death in 1881. Do you know if he borrowed the title from somewhere else? Was it in use as a slogan earlier? Please help, this is driving me nuts. Many thanks in advance.

Question: Kropotkin essay

I'm editing an essay by Kropotkin, "Anarchist Morality", in which the following passage occurs:

"'They have the right to steal,' in speaking of those terrorists who lived on dry bread, and stole a million or two of the Kishineff treasure, taking, at their own peril, all possible precautions to free the sentinel, who guarded the wealth with fixed bayonet, from all responsibility.

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