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Webdiary is Changing the Nature of News

Margo Kingston today closed her Webdiary at Fairfax and hang her shingle up at a new site. Media is filled with many preachers and academics, but it is rare to find inspiring practitioners. Margo Kingston does as she says: Personal opening statement to Webdiarists

Alternative Libraries and Infoshops

Download the handout given for the alternative libraries workshop at the Radical Reference Alternative Libraries skill sharing at the 2005 midwinter ALA conference in Boston, here

In addition to the RR list, you can check the Slingshot Radical Contact list here. It is updated more frequently than ours.

Last updated 12/08/11

Socially Responsible Tsunami Relief

For those looking for socially responsible ways to donate to tsunami relief, Grantmakers Without Borders has prepared a list of organizations at:

Young Adult Resources -- Globalization

Globalization Sources for Young Adults


How Soccer Explains the World : An Unlikely Theory of Globalization
by Franklin Foer

More YA Activism Resources...

Here are some more good resources for progressive teens...


National Youth Advocacy Coalition
A good advocacy site for GBLT youth

Resources on the USA PATRIOT Act

Here's some information and background on the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (USA PATRIOT Act or USAPA) of 2001. Additions? Comments? Please email radlib at ucimc dot org.

Organizations and resources for the RNC convergence

Here are links to organizations that are working for change during the Republican National Convention. Additionally, there will be resources for activists linked here as we find them. Please contact Radlib for comments or suggestions.

News Sites

Here are links to various news organizations, both mainstream/commercial and non-commercial. There's also a section on media watchdogs, always a good read and chock full of information! Please email Radlib for comments or additions.

Online Reference Tools

This section includes handy online tools organized by broad subject areas and/or types of tools for Radical Reference volunteers and the general public.

Tools for legal reference

Below are some tools to help with legal reference. Remember, we're not lawyers here at radical reference, but we can at least point you to some information.

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