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Radical Reference 2008 Grassroots Media Election Guide

Radical Reference Presents: the 2008 Grassroots Media Election Guide

Librarian volunteers from the Radical reference collective

Video Archives and Resources

This page has been created in response to a question about video archives that could be useful for activists (and those who love them).

Human Rights Resources page

Resources list compiled by/for the academic discussion group H-Human Rights.

History, Resistance

History is a Weapon is a broad collection of essays on social change from a variety of political tendencies.

Alternative Radio and Audio Resources

NYC Grassroots media conference 2007 session proposal v2

Beyond Googling It: News and Government Information “Web 2.0” style

Do you feel like you have to check 50 websites just to keep up with a
single news item? Do you ever hear about a pending bill, send off a letter

Draft NYC grassroots media conference 2007 session proposal

Research like a librarian "2.0": Internet technologies for organizations and informed citizens

The Internet has done much to widen the theater for global grassroots struggle -- moving local conflicts into the world stage. Yet while technology improves and more information is accessible online, the challenge to find relevant information from trusted sources increases. This session explores approaches to using the Internet and network technologies such as RSS feeds, blogging software, social tagging, podcasts, library database alerts, and mobile phone features to support community action, alternative media research, and informed citizenship. The presentation will demonstrate how new technologies used for research and community organizing can assist with efforts to monitor current events, collect alternative views to mainstream news stories, track government activity, and advocate alternative viewpoints. Librarian volunteers from the collective Radical Reference ( will give real-life examples of how these technologies are being used by journalists, researchers, community organizers and informed citizens. In addition to introducing the basics about each software tool, Rad Reffers will outline how community members include these technologies in their activist toolkits and effectively manage their flow of information.

Anti-Racism for Activists: a Bibliography

This is the beginning of a bibliography of anti-racist resources, particularly those that focus on dealing with racism and oppression in activist communities. Radical Reference members, please add to it, just keep your citations alphabetical and in the same style. Non Rad Reffies, e-mail me your suggestions.

Materials for People of Color

Articles | Books | Visual Media for White Allies

Prisoner Support Resources

All of Us or None "A national organizing initiative of prisoners, former prisoners and felons, to combat the many forms of discrimination that we face as the

More Sources for rbGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone)- Studies & Articles

Before I realized that this question was already answered, I got excited and did some research myself. Tiantian gave a great start, so I tried to remove duplicate references from my list (I might have missed a few). I also tried to include a few conflicting findings to let you come to your own conclusions. As tiantian mentioned, many of these works are newspaper or magazine articles as opposed to studies, but if you look at the works cited or browse the articles for mentions of the studies you will be able to search with more targeted terms. Good luck- this is a really interesting subject!

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