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More Sources for rbGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone)- Studies & Articles

Before I realized that this question was already answered, I got excited and did some research myself. Tiantian gave a great start, so I tried to remove duplicate references from my list (I might have missed a few). I also tried to include a few conflicting findings to let you come to your own conclusions. As tiantian mentioned, many of these works are newspaper or magazine articles as opposed to studies, but if you look at the works cited or browse the articles for mentions of the studies you will be able to search with more targeted terms. Good luck- this is a really interesting subject!

Government Resources

The US government publishes information, statistics and data across many disciplines and subject areas.

And when will there be a museum of blogging?

Jay Rosen, Dan Gillmor, Jeff Jarvis with many others provide the dynamic platform for the robust debate about the relationship between journalists and bloggers.

The world has really, really changed and will keep changing and we in mainstream media may not like it but it’s a fact and we have to embrace it or we will die: And when will there be a museum of blogging?

Library Thing

Library Thing says it lets you create your own book catalog online (200 books free, or you can get a lifetime membership for $10 with unlimited catalog).

Sunday toast For who has some familiarity with the English, access to the InterNet and thinks about fichar its library. A small farm makes success that receives the heading from a book, searchs it in the Library of the Congress of the United States, captures its fiche and plays it in the archive of the customer. is called and was created by Tim Spalding, an American pc hacker with the feet in the classic culture. It is in the version Beta (with the risks that this means) and leaves favour for who wants to catalogue up to 200 books. For bigger libraries, it charges USS 10 for the limitless use of the instrument. In less of one month, librarything joined four a thousand users who ficharam 177 a thousand books. It gained news article in the "The Guardian" and the forecast of that somebody goes to gain money with this business. If it will not be Spalding, will be another person. The Library of the Congress is a colossus. Its catalogue has 28 book million in 470 languages. For example: 18 headings of Fernando Gabeira. (who to want to sapear, an acknowledgment: the instrument of not accepted search accents nor cedilhas.)

The Corruption of the Canberra media

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win
- Mohandas Gandhi

Gary Sauer-Thompson knows well why we need more journalists and less reporters... 'What they [the senior Canberra Press Gallery] can perhaps be accused of is lack of leadership; along with other gallery veterans such as Michelle Grattan, they have let the Government get away with far too much over the years. It is true that Howard exercises a more totalitarian control over government information than any of his predecessors and that he has instituted something of a reign of terror in the public service, but that is no excuse for meekly accepting ridiculous strictures in the name of commercial-in-confidence, or privacy considerations, or the all-purpose national security. Kelly, Oakes and Grattan never would have copped it in the old days.'

Medical Resources

Updated 25 January 2006

Whistleblowing and the media: transparency the biggest casualty

Expanding on the issue of protection of journalists’ sources, Helen Ester looks at a range of factors affecting the Press Gallery’s role in public accountability
These include not only government pursuit of whistleblowers but also a weak freedom of information regime making journalists overly dependent on leaks, and a hollowing out of the press gallery, meaning many gallery journalists are relatively inexperienced ...

Hurricane Katrina and Aftermath Resources

You will find here information on socially responsible organizations and other useful resources for supporting communities in New Orleans and other areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. See the links below.

Updated 10 December 2005

Remote Control: New Media, New Ethics

Irving Kristol once said something to the effect that there are no ethical problems that a Great Depression wouldn't cure...

Not many people are aware as much as Margo Kingston that taking a stand is not without its cost. But as Arundhati Roy has said: ‘A thing, once seen, cannot be unseen, and when you have seen a great moral crime, to remain silent is as much a political act as is to speak against it.’

Online, Searchable Directory of Libraries Worldwide

"Libraries, if they are truly used, require the active participation of readers to inform themselves and others. A reader is the essential and equal partner to the library, which makes the current management trend of turning readers into customers such a menace. Customers merely consume and are powerless and dependent; readers read, an activity that is both productive and cooperative. And, with luck, the motivated library reader may also become the writer and so continue in the provision of free thought."

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