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Radical Reference User Study (by two library school students)

Dear Radical Reference user,

Would you like to help two Library Science students?

LIS Student Collectives

Radical Reference encourages students in LIS programs to form local collectives at their institutions. Membership is free, and groups have total autonomy, though they are welcome to seek help or advice from other RR volunteers or collectives as they choose. Write to info@radicalreference to learn more.

QUESTION: Radical-friendly MLS program?

question / pregunta: 

Hey there. I'm looking at MLS/MLIS/etc. programs and would like to know which, if any, library schools are particularly friendly to the aspiring radical librarian. I am interested in rural libraries, so I'm particularly concerned with developing the skills necessary to make radical programming (& collection development) work in conservative communities.

More generally, did your MLIS program help you to develop the practical skills you've needed in your work, rather than just discussing theory?

Scholarships to St. Johns

In case any of y'all who aren't already librarians have been thinking about a career in librarianship, here's your chance to do so with a LAURA BUSH scholarship.

"St. John’s Division of Library & Information Science is funding 40 full scholarships for students interested in earning their MLS with an emphasis on engaging underserved children and their families in using public libraries, school media centers, and museums."

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